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    The tooltips/images for the new items should appear soon. Sorry about the inconvenience.


      w/e I am done with this game

      life is life

        good dddddd


          Satanic seems a bit overkill on brood. Can think of better six slots I think.


            Shuriken Toss is magic damage, not pure.


              ^ thank you, fixed.


                Another interesting question: if an allied WK has aghs, you die at fountain with a lot of bloodstone charges. The Wraith of you is created and then shallow graved with Dazzle, while you instantly re-spawn, will there be two of you for the remainder of the game?


                  "Probably will be the least used, though. "

                  "Scythe of Vyse provides a comparable health/manapool"

                  well this is embarassing for you


                    "Another interesting question: if an allied WK has aghs, you die at fountain with a lot of bloodstone charges. The Wraith of you is created and then shallow graved with Dazzle, while you instantly re-spawn, will there be two of you for the remainder of the game?"

                    While I believe that there could be a situation when there will be a wraith + bloodstone owner simultaneously, the statement with shallow grave seems wierd. The wraith should have illusion-like timer and behavior and thus will not be saved by a shallow grave. But I can imagine a much more interesting abuse => full bloodstone Zeus having a refresher dies (or even denies himself???) at the beginning of battle => instantly respawns and casts 4 ultimates in a row.

                    Jorges Sanz

                      What about indirect buffs on heroes such as Phantom Cancer? Adding lotus orb only makes single targeting pl near impossible and incredibly broken as well, whats to stop a skilled pl from shitting all over you. Add on the fact that you still have to deal with his doppelganger and manta dispel.


                        You know, there is great anti-pl hero - Legion Commander. Lotus will not counter overwhelming odds destroying all illusions. And then go recast a duel. Especially aghanims one. Although nukers and supports will have trouble dealing with such a pl.

                        Jorges Sanz

                          You can illusion clear but pl can just as easily work around the cd to spam out the illusions.

                          Even so, clearing the illusions doesn't guarantee you to land duels since pl has so many disengages as what starladder as shown us. Add on the fact that a good pl will preemptively generate illusions to scout/disable lc's blink dagger.

                          Still, LC is probably one of the better ways to counter a PL. Point taken.

                          my pain is still far greater

                            PL was indirectly buffed, the towers were nerfed at Tier 2 and 3.


                              Do you think Undying's nerf was undeserved? He was also buffed to an extent with that change, as his go-to Tombstone-zombies counters (Axe, Bristleback, Tidehunter) can no longer clear them en-masse.

                              Also, he boasts an impressive 55% winrate in the VH skill bracket in a meta that not only doesn't suit him, but which also favors a lot of heroes who can theoretically deal with him or his tombstone quickly (Axe, Jugger, Troll, Sniper, Lina, Storm...).


                                Invoker is also a good way to deal with pl, along with silencer or other aoe abilities

                                pathetic soul

                                  ALLAHU AKBAR!

                                  Owl Exterminator

                                    Curious if Radiance as second item on SK, after blink ofc, would actually be optimal now.

                                    my pain is still far greater

                                      Hm. That... might work!


                                        "Another interesting question: if an allied WK has aghs, you die at fountain with a lot of bloodstone charges. The Wraith of you is created and then shallow graved with Dazzle, while you instantly re-spawn, will there be two of you for the remainder of the game?"

                                        No, at all. If you become a wraith the respawn timer does not start, even if you insta spawn with 50 blood charges (just tested it). So it not only delays your death by 5 seconds, it delays your respawn.

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                                          "No, at all. If you become a wraith the respawn timer does not start, even if you insta spawn with 50 blood charges (just tested it). So it not only delays your death by 5 seconds, it delays your respawn."

                                          How does this interacts with Necrophos Reaper's Scythe, Ancient Apparation Ice Blast shattera and Axe Culling Blade instakills? Do you still continue as a wraith?

                                          /\/ /\ T

                                            I see the return of io and tiny with moon shard and guardian greaves.... I'm so pumped

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                                              octarine core on leshrec GG broken game

                                              not to mention, you can sell BKB's now and this glimmer cape sounds annoying as shit for castors
                                              and it's quite cheap too

                                              forcing you to buy detection and making veil/eblade

                                              sniper got nerfed too harshly i think, taking away his headshot can't miss just ruined the hero

                                              as for troll, he got nerfed really hard too But... he can use abyssal blade now so it's a tradeoff

                                              Engr. Kramer

                                                my 40th time saying this :

                                                Fuck IceFrog and his patch Kappa


                                                  My humble lower tier opinion:

                                                  The octarine core on leshrac is obviously damn strong but it's damn expensive and the buildup also looks like a bit of a pain

                                                  ALSO, there's also a lot more magic resistance options now (pipe aura, glimmer cape and not too long ago they made magic resistance stackable), so if you see the opposing team has a lesh getting a lot of gold then you'll just need to make the preparations to counter his "op" stage

                                                  I think it's great that Int heroes might be taking center-stage a bit more


                                                    Radiance used to give 8% evasion in dota1, not 17.

                                                    ✪ 은밀하게 위대하게®

                                                      6.84b 6.84c 6.84d incoming haha

                                                      rufus profile 2

                                                        13 slotted on druid actually


                                                          I do not like how you approach the new meta as if you think it will be same as old (notably) Gyro - you said that the meta is not a Aoe meta, BUT do you not realize how different this meta will be? LESS about farming, MORE team fights, when I 1st saw the patch I realized this, you just need to check creep gold.. Like all the professional people wrote on this patch, Gyro will most likely come back.. I think this patch will be much harder for less skilled players - why? Because there is more to know with the new items, they have an even bigger impact than before (items were important before) some people like to stay in the past, but this patch will not favor heroes who sit in lane and farm, it will favor fighting heroes and gyro is exceptionally good in this meta.. Depending on your skill level the game will be entirely different in my opinion.. I see that meta is going back to ti2 (team fights are more important) beatsmaster is the most relative buff as well as leshrac, I also see dark seer back in the meta as well as big play cores.. But it could go back to last year (push strats) I see they want games to end early, so you can see death prophet, dragon knight coming back (PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOO!!) Thought last year was definitely the most boring ti.. But know this, it will be more about Aoe than it was, this is not 6.83 where people sit back and farm, it will be about killing more because you get more gold.. So I would not base anything off of 6.83.. This patch is not a farming patch, it is either about more team fights and pick offs or heavy push as dota seems to have gone that way.. Jugg will be picked but not because of the rate he farms, but how he can help push and/or team fight, but this will not favor heroes that farm, I do not think alchemist is relevant as much as you want to believe because when people try the new patch they will quickly realize how HARD it is to farm.. You say alchemist farms fast? Then why was he not relevant in the last patch (a farming quick boys patch) It is because even alchemist needs time to be more relevant and this being a patch where games end MUCH earlier I do not see his relevance, maybe at 1st, but the pro players will soon realize what is more important.. As for pubs? I would advice people more try play with friends, because you will need synergy with the new items coming out, yes they are that important, I think more relevant than these hero buffs are the new items because of how they can seriously change the game.. Goodluck to us all, I see this being a more "team game patch" which will suite the majority.

                                                          Vkusnaya Plyushka

                                                            Morphling Hybrid (AGH upgrade ablility) doesn't work well with Invoker because you get invoker without spells and you can't invoke them cuz u need to use ULT.

                                                            Vkusnaya Plyushka
                                                              Yorum silindi

                                                                THIS "Definitely has the potential to make a certain player very happy. We miss you."


                                                                  Undying was only nerfed with soul rip vs damage block. The other two changes are straight buffs. The zombie targeting means you can't accidentally soul rip a zombie anymore. The zombie hp change means spell immunity piercing abilities like Bristleback's Quill Spray will no longer affect zombies.

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                                                                  rice cake

                                                                    As a Chen/Ench player, mud golem update is the biggest in this patch. low-cd-long-range-nuke!!


                                                                      Alch is fucking broken right now
                                                                      mud golems change is a huge buff for him so as runes u get quick midas up+phase+maelstrom and u just start wiping the jungle out. If his team is able to provide free 15 minutes of farm for him he will just crush everyone. played him yesterday with 510+ LH in 50 minutes with 1150 gpm that is just sick this is considering 10 deaths and 20 kills.
                                                                      I farmed 3 aghs by 22 mins for my team, that had jakiro warlock and sk, and since then they were able to easily 4v5 to create even more space for me... so alch strat is gonna be something we are definitely gonna see in the pro scene featuring heroes like wd/dis/warlock and other supports that have op aghs upgrades



                                                                        THICC BABY SHUM

                                                                          nice thread!

                                                                          Edit radiance pretty good

                                                                          Bu yorum düzenlendi

                                                                            No wonder why u don't know how to build expensive items

                                                                            THICC BABY SHUM

                                                                              ^ ?
                                                                              Edit: I dont spam carrys like u

                                                                              Bu yorum düzenlendi

                                                                                u don't? lmfao u have 4 carries + 1 good farming offlaner as ur top 5 heroes.
                                                                                we will see a further problem if we look at ur gpm on farming heroes, so ur excuse is an invalid shit


                                                                                  Theres a small typo in the sniper section


                                                                                    I think many are overestimating the aghs upgrade on Alchemist..

                                                                                    Also, the buff on Enchantress can also offer a new option on playing her, like in lane for example?

                                                                                    Your take on Gyro is very disagreeable to me.
                                                                                    Support/utilty Gyro is viable and his presence in teamfights/ganks just got way better. With the cd on flak cannon, he is in't top choice for core but he is flexible. His barrage is instantaneous and his teamfight presence with Call 4 sec slow is huge.

                                                                                    You're downplaying Octarine Core's potential. I think this is the "core item " on this patch. Spell lifesteal and cd reduction on burst/nukers is no joke. The usual candidates like Zeus, Lina, Leshrac, Necrophos, Jakiro, QoP who can also farm up a bit fast makes an argument that OC can be a core item. It means their sustain is better and the potential damage output higher especially in pubs. But yes, there's the hefty price and sheepstick is seemingly the more proficient choice.

                                                                                    After seeing a few games in 6.84..this is definitely a meta for ganking and supports. A pub 4 carry team can be punishable now even more so and late games above 60+ won't drag on longer.

                                                                                    Supports wins games!

                                                                                    from Arch1 to Guard1 in 1...

                                                                                      your closing comment inspired me to really give dota 2 a second chance. i didn't even want to read new patch note before. thx.

                                                                                      GORILLA IN A FUCKIN COUPE

                                                                                        Legion Commander is now even stronger in the jungle than she was before, the higher lifesteal and chance to proc her passive is much more meaningful than the cooldown nerf

                                                                                        El cuntaden

                                                                                          Im thinking about that Morphling Aghs...
                                                                                          Do two wisps linked to a hero double heal him?And is it possible to have 2 Lone Druid's Bears in your team for 20 seconds?And 2 Nature Prophets everywhere?


                                                                                            That try... To making dota 2 like LoL (League of Legends) ... So boring .. maybe i should try Lol instead. There is no longer classic Dota and no longer classic roles in game i think.


                                                                                              "I just wish they have fixed the same interaction with Puck , where his success can depend on the order of the players."
                                                                                              Am I missing something? Please help me out here. What does this mean?


                                                                                                Get Aghanim's and Octarine on Nature's Prophet and tell me it ain't broke. Slaying all creeps in vision on a 45s cooldown and spawning 3-6 treants per lane means no-one can approach your rax without fear of losing their own, if they can even push that far in the first place.


                                                                                                  naga still can and will. Turtling naga strats incoming as soon as pros figure out how to slow the tempo down cause naga aghs is no joke either especially for heroes like bristleback

                                                                                                  Limp Cactus

                                                                                                    The Undying 1 hit to kill is really a buff: AoE spells like Quill Spray no longer kill the zombies.


                                                                                                      Aghs Refresher octarine razor is some sick shit