Heroes Who Desperately Need a BuffBy KawaiiSocks on

Last week we had a small gameplay patch and while it managed to deal with some of the bigger balance problems and appropriately nerf them, it didn’t help struggling heroes all that much. Today we want to look at a couple of heroes who desperately need a buff in the next version of the game.

Patch 7.32d First TrendsBy KawaiiSocks on

The new patch was not a surprise. There were some small problems with the previous version of the game and given how big patches usually take a while after TI to come out, a small, “letter” mini-patch was expected. Today we are going to have a look at how it affected the meta and what heroes are suddenly over- and underperforming.

Styling into Meta: Riki CarryBy KawaiiSocks on

There is a very distinct trend in Dota: the moment a hero gets more popular, their win rate usually plummets. Dota is a hard game and all heroes have a lot of nuance to them. The exception to this rule occurs when a hero was previously underexplored and underestimated and we feel like it is exactly what happened with Riki.

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Weekly Quest Guide: Week ThirteenBy KawaiiSocks on

The bonus weeks are over and that means we can safely ignore Diretide and still get all the necessary stars. If, like us, you are experiencing a Diretide fatigue, this guide is for you: we are trying to find ways to make the star-collecting process as easy as possible.

Dealing with LeshracBy KawaiiSocks on

Leshrac is easily one of the most powerful heroes in the current meta. He isn’t as frustrating to play against as Arc Warden, Tinker and Broodmother, but he also doesn’t need a whole lot of skill to utilize effectively, so today we want to talk about how to deal with the very balanced Disco pony.

Weekly Quest Guide: Week TwelveBy KawaiiSocks on

By far the easiest week so far, which is a nice respite after an absolutely devastating week eleven. With a straightforward Diretide quest and multiple quests that work in co-op bot matches, this week should be a breeze.

Patch 7.33 WishlistBy KawaiiSocks on

Patch 7.33 is not guaranteed to come any time soon, but we can hope. It is usually the case that we get a smaller, letter patch in a couple of weeks after the International, and a bigger, more fundamental update in a month or two. Today we would like to discuss things we would like to see from a big update.

Weekly Quest Guide: Week ElevenBy KawaiiSocks on

Week eleven is all over the place in terms of difficulty. The Diretide quest is absolutely ridiculous and from our testing doesn’t even work consistently. Some of the quests are trivial, while others require meeting an impossible condition: actually having friends.

The International Meta Recap: Unpicked HeroesBy KawaiiSocks on

There were quite a bit of unpicked heroes this TI, but today we would like to concentrate on the ones we found the most surprising. The reason behind this surprise is simple: while these heroes have been completely disregarded by the professional players at the biggest esports event of the year, they are undoubtedly, sometimes overwhelmingly powerful in pubs.

Battle Pass Part Two: First ImpressionsBy KawaiiSocks on

The second part of the Battle Pass is here, with the new, updated Diretide being the highlight. Today we would like to have a quick discussion on how to be more successful in it, while also providing some tips and tricks on how to complete the Weekly Quests as soon as possible.

The International Meta Recap: Fresh IdeasBy KawaiiSocks on

It usually takes a while for a new patch to be released after TI. With that in mind, having a look at the most successful new meta developments is definitely in order. We might not be playing at the International, but we can definitely learn from it.

The International Top FourBy KawaiiSocks on

The champion will be crowned this weekend and with a whole week to prepare and study their opponents, we feel like the level of competition in the top four this year should be exceptional. This format might not be to everyone’s liking, but the tension is palpable, the stage is set and it is time to look at the four best Dota 2 teams in the world.

What is Up With Broodmother?By KawaiiSocks on

Possibly the biggest surprise of the International was the Broodmother. The hero has been forgotten for a very long time, but it seems like we might have underestimated her. The hero now has one of the highest win rates in the tournament and a decently high pick rate, so today we would like to discuss what exactly makes her viable and how you can replicate her success in pubs.

Weekly Quest Overview: Week EightBy KawaiiSocks on

The International is absolutely the focus of this week, but to save yourself some trouble later on, we still strongly recommend keeping up with your weekly quests. Luckily, this week they are extremely easy.

The International Group Stage Meta RecapBy KawaiiSocks on

The Group Stage is over and it is time to look at how the tournament is shaping up meta-wise and what kind of strategies and builds we can learn from the professional players to use in our pubs. There are many surprising developments, as well as some stark contrasts to what we’ve seen during the Last Chance qualifier.

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