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    Meepo, TRASH HERO.


      I’d pick brood here


        Tinker, no complaints here


          Every hero going octarine heart, and every game going 60 minutes... wouldn't exactly say it's a great meta in that regard


            Every hero in the game having 4k+ hp is getting tired


              Winter Wywern is pretty much the only one of these I can see getting picked up for the save and the great team fight ult. But the others are extremely unlikely to see any air time in the final round of TI. And it would appear that the meta is quite set and it would take some special cases in the draft phase for the teams to reach this deep into the bag.

              drums of liberation

                if the meta is healthy then why is every hero buying blademail heart.

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                  Playing Abaddon in this patch and have over 70% winrate. 3,5 position holy locket+greaves+agh and we win for 20-40 minutes every game.
                  His healing in low mmr pubs uncontested.

                  500 SKOOMA USED

                    Abaddon's basic skills are not good enough to warrant a worse version of WK's ult.


                      I <3 slardar but other heroes do what he does better


                        oops. LGD *just* picked Tinker as i was reading this


                          Can't believe people cheered for a Tinker

                          I'm always alone

                            Дам в жопу за аркану


                              Almost no Lycans aswell, sadge

                              LIKE A SOMEBODEE

                                I love 2k players who theory craft hehe


                                  drow so ignored she didnt even make it into this article