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Gojira Mormont

    Quite an entertaining read


      всем сосать


        'My general belief is that every player should play the heroes they are comfortable with (unless it is Pudge Pudge), since pretty much all of them are on the same power level. These minor discrepancies in a rather small sample are not to be taken to heart - they are more of general guidelines and certainly do not impose rules on you or tell you that if you play hero X you will be able to increase your MMR.'

        I agree partially. E.g., somebody who is not familiar with Lesh can have great success with that hero, not because he's such a skilled player but because the hero is strong. Though there are no huge unbalances, every hero can be played successfully (even Pudge).


          Pretty good thought, apart from "as qop you want to buy agah"

          Her cooldown is short enough in that meta for at least the first 35-40 minutes, and the increase of damage is terrible.

          Wingmann Whifferfeld

            A fellow WW fan! I'd give author a high-five if I could. On the topic though, the article is written in a really good style, if you can say it like that, so reading it was simply delightful. Cheers to the maker of this piece, you did a great job!


              Man, I love phantom lancer. I always heard about that he was broken and then eventually nerfed some time ago, but I think he's still quite powerful and so much fun to play (but playing against him is absolute cancer lol). Also I feel like Earth Shaker isn't that viable as a counterpick as I always thought, I did still win the most matches against shakers as a PL.

              Also I was kinda suprised that Shadow Fiend did underperform that hard at TI5. I think every match I saw with a SF, the SF team did lose.


                "He almost always loses mid lane - in a good player vs. good player matchup he won't have an upper hand until level 5 or so and then it might be too late."

                are you for real? lol
                "in a good player vs good player"? what bracket are u talking about there? 5k-7k?
                because I don't see that sf almost always loses mid lane in that bracket rofl.

                " He also needs a Black King Bar Black King Bar, since the hero generally prefers to be in the middle of the action." Really? Are you saying that getting a bkb is "an itemisation problem"? Edit before you shame yourself.

                Don't get me wrong tho this is a good read.


                  gucci... he is Talking TI bracket.

                  Custom name

                    What about BS?


                      I think people need to find better itemization for sf. I'm not sure if euls and mek are really worth getting on him anymore. And sf does have a hard time in mid but it is slightly offset by his ability to quickly farm stacked camps

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                        and where are some words abour bloodseeker and ember?


                          if anything, lesh is countered good and proper by anti mage and phantom lancer.


                            I was a little surprised to not see Earthshaker in the "unsung heroes" bracket, especially after THE echo slam.


                              I'm pretty sure Ti3 is still the best Ti, by quite a few miles.

                              Many people disliked the rat strategy made famous by [A], but no one seemed to take into account the fact that so many things happening in different parts of the map was just so intensively exciting. And it's not like [A] and Navi didn't fight you know, so many crazy moments in that grand final series. The biggest rosh fight ever, phase shifting stun dodge against an invis alchemist, dream coil mini-stun TP cancel against Dendi TA just to name a few off the top of my head, the plays that just stay in your head for that long.

                              That echo slam was really good. Just.....not Ti3 grand finals good.

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                                ^Don't forget that Scythe from s4 to Puppey Enigma while Travel TPing, i'm rooting for Na'Vi that day & i think it's the peak of Na'Vi's Dota2 career, class & style. no more no less.

                                I think TI5 is somehow like a small TI3, i'm surprised that Secret fell off way too early w/ VP, then coL & C9 making unforgettable plays, and also CDEC skyrocketing from qualifiers to the Grand Finals w/ EG. There would be another TI but i think TI5, just like TI3, is irreplacable.


                                  Such list should have a look on Storm, maybe?


                                    I saw a lot of Tusk being picked, I was looking forward to an analysis of why he was picked so much and the synopsis of those picks.

                                    Otherwise great article


                                      As a sidenote;
                                      Only LGD mid player Maybe managed to get good results with SF.
                                      His record with the hero was 5W-2L.(group stage&main event)
                                      Besides Maybe, SF record was 14W-26L.
                                      Especially in the main event, SF record besides Maybe was 3W-10L. And Maybe was 3W-2L with the hero.

                                      Overall, SF was in even a worse place than told in the article. Picking SF meant throwing for 15 teams.


                                        @fucking salty teammates

                                        It's true that in a PUR 1v1, high level sf will win against everything but gyro, brood, and lesh, but it was definitly not pur 1v1 during the ti, and if sf has to take those addition precaution, he actually never anything

                                        Puck you

                                          Why the pudge hate? :(


                                            Lina - Goup stages

                                            waku waku

                                              Did you control for/weight your hero win rate statistics by team record? Without that there is a HUGE confounding factor in which heroes were popular/go-to-picks for teams that were actually just worse teams. I don't think that you can extrapolate to conclusions around the heroes when there's such a heterogeneous level of skill.

                                              Player 95251565

                                                Where is tuskar and brood? Certainly one of more heroes that can single handedly turn around entire pick phase (need I say Siren)?

                                                I think SF and QoP are both in OK state, but the issue lies in inviability of other heroes, rather then them, being overpowered.


                                                  I love how the issue around Kaolin has begun to die down.


                                                    "illusive" - pun intended?


                                                      Maybe the reason lesh had a lower winrate despite being a theoretically more powerful hero is because teams who decided to let him through had a plan to deal with the hero. He was also played as a support in a few of the games which could stop hi from reaching his full potential.


                                                        Dude gyro and bounty is fine, no need to nerf


                                                          no storm spirit?
                                                          dotabuff pls

                                                          Sei la

                                                            Terrible analysis imo : /


                                                              hmm nice analysis


                                                                I'd like to see something on heroes that when unpicked and why. And speculations on some possible buffs.


                                                                  I know this is late but... you misspelt "popularity" on the first paragraph of Tier 1.