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    Never was there a better Old School Dota player than the Great VezirOdSemberije


      Whoever wrote up the code for auto muting players needs to be sacked on the spot.


        BANE TRAIN!!!


          I'd pick brood here

          Bandalf le Gland

            First do no harm

            Dr. Hillbilly

              NA pubs are the worst. SEA pubs are toxic but players dont throw game or walk down mid or destroy items more often. Players in NA are too arrogant and sensitive. Players lose their cool very quick and have zero tolerance. I am referring to last hitting creeps for supports just to get tango's.


                Found the support tilting his team ^

                Brünk Hüll

                  Valve has probably ruined a lot of games; while they clarify Pavise is physical dmg barrier, they fail to clarify that Solar Crest ALSO is physical dmg barrier in the tooltip.

                  Edit: Shine appears to be blocking right clicks on in-game tests, so there's misinformation somewhere. I don't want to be spreading more lies on it so there's that.

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                    Bane is boring that's why he's not picked.


                      i been flaming every game all chat from 30-40 games and i been getting a 300-500 increase in both score last 3 windows around almost 10k now

                      meanwhile 2 months ago i was on 4k behavior and it wasnt moving even though i did nothing wrong, ppl were screaming report this report that every game

                      low behavior people report every game coz they know the pain of low behavior

                      high behavior people do not report unless something EXTREMELY toxic happens coz they dont care