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    nerf pl!


      PA is very strong, not "too weak". Even ignoring Khanda (which is actually not bad item on her if you play knives talents).


        why mk is so shitty and valve doesnt want to buff him. Even with highest networth or kda u can still lose the game.


          who the actual fuck things pa is a concept let alone valued in this patch?


          this article is just "lets write something to post"


            I think Glimmer Cape deserves some mentioned. I'm nearly blindly going Pavise->Solar Crest and that feels way smoother and more useful than going for Glimmer. Glimmer seems now an exclusive tech of CM/WD.


              why are the commenters on this post so stupid? First comment is "nerf PL". PL isn't even good right now. Second comment claims PA is "very strong". PA has a 40% winrate. She's one of the worst heroes in the game. The third comment complains about Monkey King (who isnt even mentioned in the post) being able to lose the game even when he's ahead. Every hero can lose the game when they're ahead. That's DotA. You don't get carried by your net worth, you still need to play properly. The fourth comment asks "who the actual fuck things pa is a concept let alone valued in this patch?". That's answered both by the second comment and her pick rate, the latter being mentioned in the post itself. Who the actual fuck goes BF jugger? Uh, lots of people. Also, yknow: - ILTW is going bfury on juggernaut.

              Just four of the dumbest comments I've ever seen, all in a row.


                I hate ogre pos 5 and 4 rushing midas in my rankeds


                  I'd pick brood here

                  8к мейн честно

                    Nah meepo busters are still there


                      @Big Mad Andy winrate dosen't mean anything in terms of strong/weak. Of course PA has weak winrate, she has 15% pick rate which means she is picked by a lot of noobs in low ranks who feed with her. If Meepo had PA's popularity he would also be 40% wr, but he is clearly broken now as well.

                      Nemesis 041

                        I don't even know why Khanda is an item to begin with. It's just kinda an item Valve must've just thought of, thinking "we need an upgrade for Phylactery, so let's just do this, and see what happens."

                        I wouldn't be surprised if it's gone when 7.36 eventually rolls around.


                          I wish you knew how BAT worked. You were so close in that one article but your conclusion went the exact opposite direction from your reasoning :(


                            Wow most commenters here have no reading comprehension

                            Brünk Hüll

                              @pixelgoo The 15% pick rate might be an all ranks stat, but the winrate in the article is specifically from top bracket. That means, if anything, noobs are winning MORE games with PA than top tier players.

                              On another topic, I just don't get why it's so bad for Ogre to get a teamfight item before committing to the midas. Just get a rod of atos! Assuming it still can multicast on multiple heroes, you've got an incredible early game glepnir. A good teamfight will net you as much money as a midas proc will in the early game, and you can go back for it if you REALLY need it. I'm happy to see this being addressed here, it just seems so greedy.

                              Boat Anchor

                                Some of these comments made me lose a few wrinkles in my brain.

                                And I don’t have many to begin with.

                                Youngblood≧ ﹏ ≦

                                  I genuinely thinkg fury Jugg is not that bad. Yes, I am only an ancient player, and perhaps my opinion/judgement is off here. However, depending on team comps, fury feels so much better than Mjollnir. Although Maelstrom is quite a bit cheaper than fury, fury's build up just feels so much better, as it allows you to buy cornucopia first item after brown boots in really hard lanes or after treads in easy lanes. This means you regen easier when healing ward is on cd and you will always have enough mana to farm and fight, which often is a major issue when going maelstrom. Even if you get a Basi to help that, it still feels underwhelming and cloggs up a slot. About the team comps, if it's all about single pick-offs, Mjollnir is better, but for major 5v5 team fights, especially with an initiator offlane like Magnus, Enigma, Tide, Mars etc. the cleave of fury just feels so good. In addition, one of the most annoying parts about Omni is using it on the number 1 priority core, only to bounce off to a support, and they run out of jump range before they die. With fury, this happens less because sups simply die faster from the cleave, sometimes not even taking a direct hit from the Omni. In my opinion, unless you play against lots of evasion heroes like Wind Runner or Pa, fury simply feels better.




                                      What does Dragon Knight do? His kit is such a mixed bag that it makes very little sense. He needs to be re-worked hard. I've been at this game for a long time now and I don't have any idea what you should do with DK. He is sort of tanky, but he is not, he has a great one target stun, but he doesn't have a good farming tool and the team fight presence is very meh. I would rather have Axe jump in the middle of the enemy and call all the attention on him or Tide with that Ravage going in than a DK, a supposedly tanky hero that has an ult that allows him to stand in the back and do damage. The kit just makes zero sense. He's just a dude that does some things in a mediocre way and does nothing particularly well. When practically any other hero can excel at something or in some match up. I just don't understand the hero and rarely see him and when he is in the game he usually doesn't do anything. He is such an iconic hero of the game that he should have some spot in the game, but currently he does not.

                                      Just had an all high and mighty DK player yesterday in a game and he didn't do anything. He didn't do damage and could not tank a lick. Not saying I didn't suck in the game, but still DK isn't a hero at the moment... I didn't attack him either on his play. Just the hero. It is weird that he is just a mixed bag of mismatched abilities and they haven't done anything about it.


                                        Dragon Knight is good at sieging towers early. Lvl 6 free Tier 1 towers push if you didn't lose your lane hard, and it's easy because you have free heath regen and armor.

                                        smurfs = no balls

                                          you guys are overestimating avarage players... PA is by far the worst hero in dota right now, and yet I have had her in my team maybe 3 times in the last day


                                            Battle Fury is actually a recommended item by ImmortalFaith for the Juggernaut.

                                            luck : 0

                                              who are these posts for. heralds?

                                              Nemesis 041

                                                Battle Fury vs Maelstrom is a tale as old as the game itself, at this point. I think it depends on whether you're in a more proactive role (Mael) versus a passive farming role (BF). But Juggernaut can usually fight pretty early on with his ult and healing ward, so Mael is often considered the better option, whereas BF is for a lane/jungle farming, more defensive Jugg.