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raffling king

    Hey everyone


      I feel you missed a key point of the shroud in you post.
      "it grants a lot of extra HP and it will help with mana pool issues on some Strength heroes, but that’s about it"
      And that's exactly why it's good. The item replaces tarasque for a lot of heroes now, Naga and PL can even build it and won't consider tarasque anymore.

      smurfs = no balls

        hello osama

        Tarog Skwela Undangi Nang...

          Heart of Tarrasque = 770 health + 1.6% Max HP Regen
          Eternal Shroud = 608 health + 25% Magic Resistance (+4%)

          Looks like Eternal Shroud has better EHP and is much cheaper compared to Heart of Tarrasque.
          The 1.6% max hp regen is so low that it will take a minute to make it to full health.

          Пофармил? уёбище

            There are some... interesting interactions with Khanda and certain abilities, for example, Omniknight's shard triggers Khanda when it triggers of your attack which gives an immediate burst of phys+mag+pure dmg. Quite funny tho.


              I'd pick brood here


                Khanda isn't a meme. Even in high level pubs you see Bounty Hunter terrify other heroes just by using track and not even breaking invisibility.


                  Khanda is really damn good on Abaddon. You get damage that is still comparable to Daedalus before the crit mod, and with shard on top your Death coils end up having a near 100% slow and dealing 400+75% attack as magic damage+100% of attack as physical plus the stack of curse of avernus to help with the proc.


                    Surprised you didnt mention vlads. It's the best cheap armor sustain damage item for a first item.


                      People are still sleeping on Solar Crest, because I'm still seeing people buying Glimmer Cape instead of Solar Crest in my games. Solar Crest provides 288 HP, which is both helpful vs physical and magic damage. Solar Crest provides 348 mana, which is quite important as new Arcane doesn't give it anymore. Solar Crest provides 5 armor, which is a lot helpful for a low armor hero. And its active at very worst provides a better damage barrier for yourself than Glimmer, while using Solar Crest active on a core ally is much more helpful than using Glimmer active on an ally. And with 8s duration with 16s cooldown, it has 50% uptime while Glimmer with 5s duration 14s cd only has 35% uptime. Anyone who wants to get easy MMR as a support should strongly consider abandoning Glimmer Cape.

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                        Khanda is not meme, it's very strong on any AD spellcaster (Luna, Morph, Sniper, etc). Just don't rush it (except maybe on Morph).

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                          Is Muerta Parasma good or bait? Magic Corruption seems totally insane but unfortunately requires you to buy a Witch Blade on Muerta.

                          Entertainment 7wenty

                            Tried parasma on Lina for shits and gigs. The game was leaning towards needing more right-click damage late game than magic this plus grove bow was doing major work from the backline.


                              Muerta Parasma is very strong since its a massive buff to damage during pierce the veil, both from the attack speed and the magic resist hit, the problem is she cant reliably pick it up since she needs mjollnir to farm, needs bkb to not get permastunned during pierce the veil, and if she wants more damage daedalus gives more damage at that point of the game on top of not being reliant of pierce the veil, and even hurricane pike can provide more by just giving more opportunities to deal damage.

                              As for mage slayer, it feels like only ember has really fully unlocked what it can do and is one of the only characters who can abuse it. Other top builders like Slark, Tide, Mars, Pango, and Wyvern cant apply it as safely with as much consistently or as often as Ember can. Mars, Tide, and Slark have to be engaged, Pango cant do it as safely since it uses swash, and Wyvern can only apply it to one person at a time. Even Viper who is a top user can only do it to one person at a time. Its nearly a goldilocks items for him with only the attack speed going unused. It protects flame gaurd's barrier with both the attack passive and the magic resist, hits a massive area to deal the ticking damage and spell reduction to EVERYONE, and works with bottle to shore up his mana problems early on.

                              I also feel like an item that deserves to be talked about it Bloodthorn. That thing is insane with any character who can summon something that attacks. Brood is the most well known, but Pl, Naga, Arc Warden, Visage, Lycan, and even Veno, Enigma, and Shadow Shaman can abuse the hell out of this thing just being on your team to do an ungodly amount of magic damage, not to mention Windranger who just attacks you really really good with it. Enchantress, Natures Prophet, CK, Chen, Beastmaster, Wraith King, Clinkz...