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    Where is the "Pub Tier List 6.86"? BibleThump

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        winter why?


          Void is complete and utter garbage right now :/ he can't do anything someone else can't and is just been gutted with the latest patch for no reason.


            You said scorced instead of scorched for doom


              The piece on invoker is just wrong. Unless you count invoke as a spell, he needs needs lvl 2 to have more than one spell as well as having alacrity, and level 3 to have alacrity and coldsnap. This article claims it is all available at level 1.

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                Invoker can only have 1 spell at lvl 1. You cannot have alacrity and cold snap both until lvl 3.


                  ^ That. I couldn't understand shit in invoker paragraph.

                  soon 1k

                    I rly dont understand that change to DP, I mean, they fucked up decent hero to shit tier hero.

                    RIP DP


                      "Spirit Bear and Ture Form" nice


                        He drunk? The guy who wrote this? As stated earlier the info on Invoker is wrong or i am totally out of it? :D

                        [FaO] JoJoBird

                          I'm basically a bit sad the new "reworks" were done in a way that made some heroes really bad and this really does prove it. Riki and Void are both in the lowest tier now. And it's not like Riki was the cancer of the pro scene, or void. Riki might have been annoying to some in pubs, but surely you could have reworked him without destroying what he's all about. And Death prophet... Why?

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                            Winter Wyvern is a "she", not a "he"! Have you never played her, eggs?

                            DOIN UR MOM DOIN DOIN UR MOM

                              Currently the Enchanted Mango only has a 31.43% win rate. Together, we as a community, have the ability to fix this problem and end this horrific tragedy. Please help. It is our duty as gamers to give this item the respect it is due.


                                Wyvern is female, eggs. And she was nerfed too hard.

                                Lost 𖤍life

                                  My doom stats 13-1 in 6.86. Why people can do same?


                                    The DP change is actually a huge buff.
                                    You used to get nuked the shit out of when you ramboed in 1vX albeit with your team following closely behind.

                                    Now? You link yourself to 4 heroes & pray they don't split as they try to burst you down... which they can't do!
                                    The damage also goes through BKB... not just the slow.


                                      You missed a big change that benefited Weaver and Medusa (and Morph) which is the Linkens buff. 16s to 13s is huge and I bet that's why the winrates spiked as much as they did on those three heroes.


                                        Lol @ Riki, DP and Void decrease in winrate when all they got in this patch is literally an extra ability, now we know that heroes winrate in pubs doesnt mean jackshit


                                          "Lol @ Riki, DP and Void decrease in winrate when all they got in this patch is literally an extra ability, now we know that heroes winrate in pubs doesnt mean jackshit"

                                          At this... You don't know much about the game... New abilities moved the old ones around and really did a number on these. Haven't really seen DP in action yet, so don't know about that. Riki and Void got the nerf bat big time though... The efficiency is in the details, not on the "big new skillz".

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                                            lol come on op - invoker doesnt have 2 spells at level one, nor can he get alacrity at level 1. only emp, cold snap, or sun strike. clearly not an invoker player. :)


                                              as an invoker spammed since last year , i still see that invoker is still rare to see in pubs/ranked matches
                                              --2.6k player who ranked up from 900 mmr to this rank in a single month thanks to spaming invoker


                                                they forgot huskar !!!! huskar is so weak now !! looks like they cut of his balls !!

                                                danniez Q<

                                                  I'm glad with the riki nerf, what a real cancer hero in pubs and ranked :'D I'm not agreed with the Void nerf, because he had extremely weak hp in early and late and the evasion was very important on it. Now void is absolutely nothing... RIP.

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                                                    i'm gay.


                                                      I don't even play Invoker and I know that the Invoker section doesn't scan. To have Cold Snap and Alacrity you would need to have points in Quas, Wex, and Exort, ie at least level 3. Anyway, some nice analysis overall.


                                                        My winter wyvern.... Now she is useless hero...


                                                          Same with Dark Seer - now his main ability ION SHELL is useles against Phantom Lancer clones, he can take of shell just by buying his diffusal blade...

                                                          Juan Bot

                                                            Lol I keep wondering if all the delusional souls who claim heroes with new skills are weaker now are the same bunch of idiots who said seeker and PL got weaker from 6.82 reworks.

                                                            Danzi having fun

                                                              CAGARAM COM A WINTER


                                                                Wow some stupid people are here. If PL wastes difusal charge to remove ion shell dark seer is glad to accept this trade any day.

                                                                Zymenth D Hanzo

                                                                  how in the damn hell could invoker have 2 spells at lvl 1???at lvl 1 u can only choose quas wex or exort...u can only invoke 1 spell

                                                                  Space Force Ready

                                                                    Not sure why people are bitching so much about Void. I've found the games to be quite easy. I think the rework has been great, and even without the added buff to it today it was fine.

                                                                    elixir kundi

                                                                      WINTER WYVERN IS A HE??


                                                                        Void is she just a different hero to play now thats all.. There is no more hard carry void tho.. He is just some kind off a disabler


                                                                          Good Riki pickers can fuck off, all cowards.


                                                                            lol so salty


                                                                              significantly decreasing win rate of some hero mostly were caused by pub players. maybe some of them not pick the hero wisely and only "just want to try the new skills". i believe their new skills still useful for a specific situations.

                                                                              i wonder the graph from ranked match only..


                                                                                Well, technically Invoker does have 2 spells at lv1 as Invoke and Sunstrike/EMP/Coldsnap are spells.


                                                                                  " As intended, a few hero reworks and nerfs put those heroes out of relevancy, such as Winter Wyvern and Faceless Void. "
                                                                                  As intended?? I´m pretty sure it wasnt intended. Valve even named the patch "balance of power", so i dont think they wanted to really nerf these heroes.



                                                                                    Долбоеб и его команда

                                                                                      Просто русский комментарий.

                                                                                      I love Hina more than you

                                                                                        i think void is in the changing meta. Instead of use as a position 1 carry, it uses as offlaner. i think it needs to study more.


                                                                                          Thank you, icefrog for kill WW. I'll find you and kill you and your family.

                                                                                          peace be upon me

                                                                                            pls buff elder titan


                                                                                              please bring back my void


                                                                                                Everyone now picks fucking weaver and than annoys the rest of the game


                                                                                                  Faceless Void's WR has grown instead of backfiring.

                                                                                                  People are finally learning to play it.


                                                                                                    Some of the nerfs are good and it balanced the game but i guess u need to buff some heroes too to make them useful at this meta like treant and elder titan i mean they are not useful...


                                                                                                      Void becomes position 3 due to this meta. :D