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    <<< Best old school dota player (by far)


      I'd pick brood here


        Love the favourite kid analogy

        Пісяти і Спати

          The first move is definitely most important in this patch. If your pos 1 afk farms while enemy teleports to fight the game is lost most of the time at 4k MMR.


            ^^3k btw

            Gaben cursed acc

              The Meta is not in a healthy place imo, undying and techies are the only support heroes getting picked literally every single game!
              Not only in the major, in pub as well.


                Get a life instead of making articles about dota. Go get a job at McDonald's instead. Your life is worthless for making dota blogs.


                  ELCREEPO, you life is worthless for being Archon III


                    Jesus ELCREEPO, fitting name though.

                    El Peor Apoyo

                      I literally can't understand how ppl still say that the meta is in a healthy place, I can't feel it.
                      Undying is pick or ban for the entire 7.33, is the strongest early game hero with the strongest support kit for late game.
                      Legion sits in 70% win rate on Ryiadh and 55% on high level pubs with 24% picks.
                      Dozen heroes are just griefing in pubs and not touched by competitive.