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Suffie McFluffy

    To me it def feels like wyvern and AA are THE workhorses of the tournament/meta. I feel like the regen/healing meta that all teams picked up by the end of the tournament, is a bit overlooked in this post.

    Captain caveman (crawl)

      Mars was the most picked heroe (56) and had 46% wr.

      Hoodwink, TB, Invoker, WW, Timbersaw, Magnus, DK, Luna, Puck, TA Phoenix, Razor and Tide had more than 10 games and +60% wr.

      I think the best performance was from DK with 40 games and 63% wr.


        Not a fan of how static the picks were this major. I get that the number of games and the stakes meant that watchers who enjoy hero diversity would have to settle for watching the DPC regionals, both Upper and Lower Divisions, but we saw 20 unplayed heroes in the LAN-wild card, group stage, playoffs. 18 of which were completed ignored


          I've been telling people since before the major, and as soon as the patch dropped, that puck and void spirit are outclassed by viper, dk, and razor as mids now. So many people thought I was crazy, but look who gets the last laugh.


            It seems one of the most unbalanced patch ever, not good.
            New heroes always on meta and low heroes picked makes it a lot more boring to watch....
            I want to see Visage and Chen back to a proper spot in the game.


              This patch is not balanced for both pubs and competitive play. Heroes with low cooldowns are used very frequently, while those with long cooldowns are sleeping.

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                Yeah AA. There are some games he feels super bad but in most games he feels really good. His ability to stack camps and get vision are super underrated in pubs. People say supports playing around cores wins games but WIth AA the cores playing around me wins games.

                Bane is arguably even better for this in pubs but there are ways of dealing with Bane that just aren't there for AA


                  hoodwink is definitly in a fine spot. it is just a shame that her shard is so bad. the nerf when they introduced it was definitly over shooted but as they reverted those change she feel much better to play.

                  the only nerf i could see being okay without slaying the hero is probably a rescalling of the slow/break/damage of the ult, as with the boomrang and/or veil you can get extremly high burst as you less and less want to try for snipping without the vision.

                  it would also be interesting if the acorn shot saw some love especially as a way to balance out a nerf: with the last nerf it is not really interesting to play physical anymore and the utility you get beside the tree is marginal. a squaling slow and/or a ministun tyed to the shard for example would probably make this spell feel much better than a emergency three & blink cancel mecanic