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Princess of Lazytown
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    Oh no its Joe

      i am spid


        I'm fairly certain in the case of wraith king that the +6 skeletons at level 20 is the better talent in 80% of games. There are way too many players that just get lazy and don't want to watch their mana. Just buy some clarities throughout the game as you keep using skeletons to farm.


          Five+ years since 'Hailrake WK build' was a thing.

          Brünk Hüll

            !!!!!!!!!!!SHADE THROWN SHADE THROWN SHADE THROWN!!!!!!!!!!!

            Definitely right though: Dota isn't League.

            Don't forget about trying to have a source of break on your team to deal with bristle as well. It's not 100% necessary, but if you can swing having a Viper on your team, Bristle hates that. Lich can turn him around which isn't the WORST but lich providing armor is also a boon.

            Permavirgin Olive Oil

              Did he mean 'discrepancies' or is this some inside joke going over my head?


                Nope, clearly a typo ... I blame covid


                  My first nicotine-free blog post on Dotabuff and of course there's a typo)


                    Congrats Kawaii! Welcome to a new life :)


                      Way to go pal. Trash the ash.

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