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    great write up. I've enjoyed playing CK this patch for all the reasons the author described.

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      STR cores are just ridiculously overpowered at the moment imo.

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          hello :v


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              Still very few people recognizing CK mid, which I believe to be very strong. Safe & off lane constitute about 93% of CK games, with winrates of 52.5% & 53.5%, roughly, yet that other meagre 7% of games push him over the 54% mark. How high must that win % be over that small sample to have the influence it does over the other 93%? I'm sure someone could easily maths that, if so inclined.


                Mid CK suffers the same problem any melee midder does: Any decent midder (Skywrath, Sniper, Viper) can and will zone him out and without constant ganks he will be dead in the water in minutes and fall behind heavily. The only way he could survive that would be to roam heavily and get kills.


                  mid ck is extremely tanky and has excellent sustain, and is able to sustain himself through such harass. It's like playing dk mid and saying the heroes not good mid.


                    Dude you can’t say this patch is incredibly fast-paced then the next paragraph writing the meta is slow


                      Still this hero needs alot of cooperation with its team and keep getting kills to be good so tbh dont pick it if u are playing solo queue

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                        What is fast-paced Dota exactly?


                          "critit" typo


                            I think one misconception regarding CK second skill is that it is maxed 1st to make full use of his ultimate, not the other way around. You certainly do not expect his illusions to die within 6 seconds, so maxing it 1st would fully utilize his illusions in small skirmishes. The main reason for maxing his 2nd skill is due to its cooldown of 5 seconds. This means that the initial stages of leveling his skill would "weaken" CK until he hits level 7 where you see a "huge power spike".



                              déjà vu

                                12 min armlet 16 min echo sabre 22 min manta works for me. i never tried midas.

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                                    only archons build fckng echosabre in chaos knight