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    1st comment!


      I have to agree with AdmiralBulldog, Hes quite overrated

      Jue Viole Grace

        Interesting hero I guess


          I'm a couple of spots away from being top 100 with him. Fantastic hero.


            "he scales much stronger into the lategame now."
            No, he really doesn't. His lategame is worse than before because his int gain is worse, and the scepter granting pull is something he used to always have.


              I love Earth Spirit. I hope he does not get nerfed too much. :c


                жалко реал что его фиксанули(


                  I think the late-game scaling is referring to the fact that his aghanims gives him the new enchant remnant, which I think is a rather strong skill when used offensively, mainly because the target because untargettable in the stone form so it can't be saved by any skills or items from being pulled and then smashed by earth spirit, so that's 2600 (3000 with aether lens) units of distance the target can be potentially moved from his original position. Very strong for initiation if you enchant remnant the enemy.


                    I fuckin love earthspirit...thank you volvo


                      he sucks


                        Also, scaling is only really a relevant concept within the scope of a game. Not across shifting patches and meta.

                        So while he may not get stronger late than he used to pre 6.86; within 6.86 games, compared to his now nerfed early game capabilities, his late game definitely shines a little more. So within a single game, his late game scaling is greater compared to what it was within a single game in 6.85.


                          hard to play :(


                            Люблю героя, но меньше стал его брать по причине глупых правок, а анимацию раскрутки починить не могут. И добавили идиотскую анимацию призыва камней((, все что нужно было добавить герою это пасивку как у Pudge, нет надо было придумать еще 1 скил, могли бы призыв камней улучшить при касте на игроков. А в то же время можно зайти в игру посмотреть на героя, и обнаружить штук 10 недоработок. И зачем убрали 50 дамага с раскрутки? теперь камни в ранней игре вообще бесполезны. ИМХО.


                     вот хочу такую анимацию этого героя.

                              DOIN UR MOM DOIN DOIN UR MOM

                                Thank you for noticing the introduction of this hero in specific. Seems like forever has passed since this Spirit was allowed in CM.

                                Also, currently the Enchanted Mango has a win rate of 34.36%. Together, we as a community, have the ability to fix this problem and end this horrific tragedy. Please help. It is our duty as gamers to give this item the respect it is due

                                Red John

                                  I love having something to read everyday. Keep up the good work!

                                  Thunder Warrior

                                    I hate that icefrog only looks into pro games and shit and only balances stuff according to that.


                                      Sick4 hours ago
                             вот хочу такую анимацию этого героя.
                                      неа, хуже.. удар ногой круче выглядит, а на видео получается уже какой-то боксер или каратист спирит, да и палка где будет в момент удара?


                                        The only problem with earth spirit it isn't that good to be a support making him offlane or mid is better.

                                        Mr. Sandman

                                          I love Earth Spirit(although I hardly win with him), but I friggin' hate that he always gets nerfed. A lot of heroes got an aghs boost now, ES had that already, so no biggie there. It''s actually worse than before, cause even with aghs you have to enchant ur teammate first to be able to grip them. And ofc you'll have to purchase the aghs for that and that is not so ez with a nonfarmer support hero. Batrider doesn't really need the aghs, does he? But he could farm it much more faster than ES... fuck it. The only good thing is - and it's quite nice - that Stone Remnant is now placed in front of you when on selfcast and that makes the use of boulder smash much more easy. Still, pls stop nerfing him ffs!


                                            Yield3 hours ago
                                            Палку использую только в начале, пусть на спину повесят), а по делу я имел в виду только анимацию поднятия камней из земли что на самом деле логично для духа земли, хотя остальные анимации в видио тоже нравятся. С нерфом перемудрили, играл Omniknight убивал Juggernaut с 2 кастов на 8 минуте.



                                              pretty much what I meant!

                                              30%винрейта кинь р

                                                Хватит его фиксить!АСТАНАВИТЕСЬ!Я ЛЮБЛЮ ЕГО:<3

                                                Дев'ять чи десять?

                                                  In pubs hes surely not support. He can win <5k games easily solo.


                                                    The most all-around hero in Dota 2. I want learn play with this green fat gorilla.

                                                    New Player

                                                      Yeah I also want to learn this Hero :D


                                                        Too late to learn this HERO HAHEAHAHAEHHUIAGA


                                                          David Bowie

                                                          allen ruiz enjoyer

                                                            op lil kid


                                                              я в шоке я на старом акаунте играл на нем катка за каткой 350 игр потом решил побить ммр на новом уже с нормальным скилом на этом персонаже потом вышел один фикс потом второй а сейчас третий и просто убивает то что раньше его не было в капитане а сейчас есть и он пикается в каждой игре прям все такие про про ребята это очень хороший перс но в нем есть но если даже тянешь сам но команда раки и уже пипец а не герой или раньше в пабах брал фу фу земляной говно вот тема темпларка или магнус он ничего не может а потом в кап ввели все все пикают все ебашат на спиритах говорю для всех кто давно в танке и с дыркой во лбу это герой только для мас прокаста для мида он тоже хорош но если в тиме сидят раки простите никакой игры не может быть только норм тимплей решает этот перс также как и магнус и трэнт а так флаг в руки тренируйтесь перс хорошый был до фиксов а сейчас его спустили до сапортов сапогов просто дохуя нытиков которые играют на мортрах или на рики вот и фиксят пуджей штормов спектр возможностей велик просто не хрен ныть и играть пробовать выдавить скилл из перса а не просто катать и делать из него дерьмо играйте с ботами часами не лезьте в пабы этот перс должен быть од точеный до минимума как кери и как сап хотя бы на 75 % а так флаг в руки и фидьте если вы считаете (я так просто первый ак слил думал а хера тут всего то пару кнопочек ага болта ! ) так что тренируйтесь а не просырайте пабы


                                                                i hate how he is being played as a support in the pro scene because i dominate as a core (usually offlane but can mid) in my normal and high skill games. I believe he has a lot of potential as a core and although he doesnt need that many items...i feel he is being held back as a support. just my opinion


                                                                  last comment

                                                                  Star Platinum

                                                                    one more u should to know, Earth Spirit is The only one hero who can stun and silent he's enemies :D
                                                                    please someone make new SET for it


                                                                      I just hope Icefrog read this, especially the ending.

                                                                      Plot Twist

                                                                        Thank you dotabuff for providing dota 2 insights everyday.


                                                                          Stun + slow + silence + dmg + escape = HERO.

                                                                          NERF HIM TO DEATH


                                                                            His role and position is to roll and position


                                                                              Rider 2 дня назад
                                                                              "Stun + slow + silence + dmg + escape = HERO.
                                                                              NERF HIM TO DEATH"

                                                                              Oh, maybe we nerf invoker to? He is more often pickable hero and he is MORE stronger, especially in late game. His spells and right click damage! Earth Spirit can't dominate in late game. His advantage is leveled by late game.


                                                                                My best hero. just got a rampage few days ago. feels good no doubt

                                                                                Bottle sealed with printe...

                                                                                  I can anticipate another nerf after MDL. GG volvo, my favorite hero


                                                                                    I'm really proud that he got into the scene, i've been waiting for this for a long time yet other cry babies nerf'd him to death.

                                                                                    furry stalin

                                                                                      and now another nerf. R.I.P. again


                                                                                        This was one of the best heroes but needed skill and a lot of it, people had to practice a ton to learn how to play him, yes he seemed op, but as i said before it required a monster amount of time to learn him right. Now he is a support... Why? No-one knows, they say its because they had to nerf him, but then when you see a character like Shadow Fiend being played 33% of the games in 5+ K MMR makes you wonder whats balance for Valve. A character that gets kills and damages hard the other team is normal, its supposed to be part of the game, thats why the game was divided into carries and supports, but taking a hero from carry to second class support, is just lame.