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General DiscussionTinker needs to be reworked completely, just like Techies

Tinker needs to be reworked completely, just like Techies in General Discussion

    After my last forum thread complaining about Techies not fitting the game entirely, gods of Dota have heed my prayers and reworked him.
    So I'm here to pray to said gods yet again.

    Just as the title says, in my opinion, Tinker needs to be reworked entirely. He doesn't fit the game, as he's playing it in -wtf mode, as long as you manage to get your starting items. Notice that I say 'reworked' and not 'nerfed', because I think devs have tried to do that for so long, but it's simply not doable. Every patch Tinker is either a) Completely broken and solocarries the game with 69 hexes and shivas a second, or b) Complete and utter unplayable garbage. That's just the hero's gameplay, you can't balance something as ridiculous as infinite ability and itemspam, and statistics show exactly that. (I'm mostly using Divine-and-above statistics for such research and you can see yourself, every patch tinker is either ~47% or lower winrate or ~54%+, which is A LOT).

    I know a lot of people would love to rush in with their suggestions on how to counter Tinker and yes, I know it is doable, but that's not the point. The point is that the hero is too strong if he has a decent game and turning tides on him are essentially impossible, if you don't pressure him super early on.

    Share your thoughts and for like-minded people - let's pray to Dota gods together.


      I mean tinker is capped by his manapool. You can only spam so much shit before having to go back to fountain. I think that's fine enough as a balancing mechanism surely.


        someone just got owned by tinker


          Just recently started learning tinker, I think he falls into same category as brood/meepo. Heroes like these maybe should be cherished as they have a unique identity tbh.


            gl dying 5 times with meepo or brood in lane and coming back to the game just with 2.2k networth and fog of war

            Sup m8

              Mfer loses to tinker and immediately complains on forums LUL

              He is a good hero if you are competent and trash if you aren't, whats the problem


                Yes please, teach me that legend 2 tinker wisdom please.

                Anyways, no, going back to fountain and being 'limited' by your LARGE manapool isn't enough, surely. Considering that it takes you total of 7 seconds to refresh everything and come back full hp/mana.

                as for uniqueness argument - that's true, he is unique. But so was Techies before the rework, so that doesn't change the fact he's nearly impossible to balance.


                  I tried Tinker just 4 fun and tbh Id never be able to use shiva properly not to mention defence matrix - these spells take a lot of muscle memory to use properly. This hero is not easy to play at all and is mostly played by smurfs for fun.

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                    no please tinker is fine just the way it is


                      OP I like your no boots Abba builds. The 1-11 matches less so

                      negative progress

                        ^I really doubt anyone can go 1-11 in your literal herald bracket anyway


                          I don't get what do my aba games have to do with the post, but if I must answer - dying as a support is great if you a) baited out big spells/ultimates to be wasted on you (and not your core) b) broke enemy smoke and died afterwards (and not your core), c) died while saving core (which as abaddon you do by healing and shielding your core and bodyblocking the enemy).
                          no-boots strat is something I started doing a little while ago, so far so good, 70% winrate last month.

                          Now what does all this have to do with my tinker post?


                            kinda agree tbh playing vs tinker when the guy is in meta sucks

                            Queso Parmesano

                              JUST TP OUT LOL
                              JUST DONT LET HIM GET THE HERO LOL
                              JUST DESTROY THE ANCIENT LOL

                              granted he plays a completely different game and if his timing on sheep is good it's gg no re, but how do you balance him? the only way to do that is make Rearm cost more and more mana to make his base recalls more frequent and mess with his farm timings, otherwise if you rework him you kill the hero.

                              The only choice is either a rework which doesn't works or nerfs to damage or mana pools. Defending against him without march makes it a whole lot easier as it is; Or go back to 2018 blade mail meta where you'd have skywraths rolling blademail at him and just oneshotting him out

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                                Maybe you shouldnt be a complete douche bag to people on the threads you make and you'd get a little more traction.

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                                  Techies didn't need to be reworked.


                                    Tinker seems to be a pub hero, in pro games it is still a niche pick even when it is strong that patch. That said I believe that the defence matrix and the shard are a step in the right direction. I don't mind laser, since I think that the blind is a fun mechanic, that is not seen too often.

                                    I would prefer that they rework the rockets and think of a new ultimate. Maybe instead of refresh cool downs make it CDR, I don't mind a 35 sec cc bkb and 6 second blink cd when I can just keep him from blinking by hitting him. Rearm blink is the most frustrating thing to play against. And the fact that tinker doesn't need bots anymore to tp around the map still bothers me.

                                    Tiro Finale

                                      As mentioned above, Tinker falls into the same category as Brood and Meepo - he is a one-way hero with a rigid playstyle. Come to think of it, back in the days most heroes were like this - dota was far less diverse in a pre-reborn era.

                                      Nevertheless, it's not bad. Tinker never really had outstanding wr as techies and brood in their darkest days (39-38~), nor he was COMPLETELY broken as Omni and ES. LoL tries to make gameplay as symmetric as possible, and character individuality suffers in the process. As long as the balance doesn't go completely shit, I'd prefer to have unique heroes in the game


                                        Absolutely agree! Tinker is inherently an uninteresting hero, both to play with and against. Every patch you hold your breath to know if they broke him. He is a free win for boosters and makes balancing the game difficult. Just change this hero