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    So I have noticed that on dotabuff there is now instead of stating your skill, it says a rank. Does this replace the skill feature? Or is it like the average for players in that game? Dotabuff seems to like when I lose, I'll get a lot higher ranked when I lose a match it seems XD


      yes ive noticed this as well. Instead very high ranked game it shows the current medal of the game. But this wont make me turn on my profile again. All, tho right now im at 4.4k mmr -_-


        When you say current medal, that means the average rank of persons in the match, correct? I'm only at like 1K something, and I'm just wondering if this means I should do ranked matches again, u kno? Cuz I'm having some Archon badge games when I'm Crusader


          It's the average medal in that game.

          so, if a herald queues unranked with immortals, his game history is probably gonna show legend average or something. Doesn't mean jackshit.

          It's only fairly accurate if you do strict Solo-queue ranked game.


            Thanks for the information! I tried a few ranked games and I am definitely not Archon - Legend material XD