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Holy E Youtube Smurf? in General Discussion

    He never shows any ranks or any scoreboards, never shows pre-game picking(where you could see the rank), pretty sure he's just making youtube videos of him stomping noobs in herald or guardian but reddit isn't crying about it because he doesn't show mmr and his videos are pretty good.

    Just wanted to let you know he's probably a smurf but I don't care, I'm a smurf too. Just don't want him to think he's tricking people lmao played dota for 17 years but still playing with players who have map awareness of guardians lmao? he does well in his videos so its hard to believe he's actually stuck there, just smurfing for content because its' ez

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      Valve doesn't care, and neither does this forum or anyone who plays Dota.


        I guarantee reddit would care but he's smart enough to not leave clues


          ya, watching is fun, playing is tirefull. i cant imagine, playing dota 2 for 5 or 6 hour, non stop.
          its like torturing my self.


            People care, anyone who says they dont is a smurfer. For shame.


              At least Reddit has something good to say than those fat people with problems banning everyone in a subreddit for no reason.

              lose streak, dont fk with me


                Here is the match ID of that match. His smurf account is anonymous. He plays in herald matches

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                GOKU FINAL FORM

                  :O someone actually did it


           another one in archon/crusder


                      omg, who play anonymously as herald?