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General DiscussionWhen will I get back to High-Very High Skill lobbies, Help!

When will I get back to High-Very High Skill lobbies, Help! in General Discussion

    Feel free to view my dotabuff profile. I am not by any means "good" at the game but I know for a fact that I am—even by a slightest margin—better than an average 2k mmr player. Before I stopped playing dota last year, I was playing on VHS lobbies all day. I came back around February this year and decided to check dotabuff to see why my teammates were so bad, of ccourse I was too coz I haven't played for a long time. Then boom, I was not mortified, but I was shocked to see what happened. So does MMR decay also apply to hidden mmr? Thanks for your (future) input.


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        Probably play your calibration matches and see what you get.

        AD.GokU™ |

          Git gud = 3800+ mmr = VHS


            Thanks for the input guys, especially the one from Emelius. It "HELPED" me alot :)


              I just played again since Feb 2021 after I saw the netflix animation. I used to be 3300 MMR back in 2014. Now I'm trying to gain my previous MMR. It's hard of course, especially with toxic teammates. AFK, Feeders, account buyer, etc made it worse. Only one suggestion that I can give it to you. Pick just 1 hero that you are best at it, and spam it. I litterally played 20 games with just 1 hero, and it got me into Archon. It would help if your hero can carry your teammates. I'm mainly offlaner, but sometimes I'm top net worth. Now I'm 2500 MMR, gained 400 since Feb 2021.

              Hope I can help


                I m below 3800 mmr = VHS too. GokU is liar. :axe_laugh:

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                  Ancient 5 below 3800 mmr. :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:


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