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General DiscussionWhats the worst lvl 25 talent in the game?

Whats the worst lvl 25 talent in the game? in General Discussion

    Are there any garbage lvl 25 talents in the game , and which is the worst in your opinion.

    Mr. Bot

      only one that seems pretty meh is tinker's +80 laser dmg


        Brewmaster's spirits gain Drunken Brawler passive component. That one is pretty garbage since you generally wont be attacking with them.
        Dragon Knight's x2 regen and armor is kinda meh. You'll be buying Silver against him anyway or you deal magic damage.
        Earth Spirits Geomagnetic Grip targets allies is level 10-tier talent, not 25. Definition of garbage.
        Juggernaut's 475 health is kinda weak. Either make it 250-300 on lvl 20 or replace it with something else.
        Lycan's +2 wolves summoned... No words.
        Necro's +0.5% heartstopper is trash too. Worst passive in the game, and the talent doesn't help.
        Razor's +80 AS is weird.
        Silencer's +15% Glaives damage is useless since they removed BKB-piercing via Agh's.
        Viper's 2x Corrosive slow/resist is weak, at least in regards of the former.

        That's about it! Keep in mind thats my personal opinion, yours may differ.


          +20% magic resistance on AM is a joke..his passive already imba.


            meepo's 375 HP talent


              Ursa +500 E :lick:

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                If Ams 20% magic resist is a joke then why does it have a 4.4% higher wr than the other talent 🤔


                  Leshrac double lightning storm at 25

                  Bick Dig

                    I don't know about worst, but the best should be NP's TP cooldown removal

                    KingMaker Kyle

                      Both of magnus level 25 talents are bad ._.


                        I think the +180 Illuminate damage is pretty dumb. Maybe its okay against mega creeps if you're losing, but I still don't see the reason why when a stun is more viable.
                        And literally no one gets the 20% Ogre bash.
                        I personally think the -1 Curse of Avernus is lack luster.
                        The Ice Blast talent isn't that good either. Not because it is bad but 450 Aoe cold feet is just too damn good.
                        Or the -4 Bloodrite cooldown on Bloodseeker. Doesn't even feel like a lvl 25 talent
                        One of the worst has to be the +75 intelligence on Medusa right. Why would you not want modifiers on your split shot that late into the game?

                        A lot of carries have bad 25s
                        Monkeys Primal spring 0 cooldown is bad and Morphlings attribute shift when stunned is shit compared to 2 waveforms.
                        Lich's unlimited bounces is unreliable. Don't see why to get it unless you had a bad ass team and kick ass wombo combo.

                        Bu yorum düzenlendi

                          man lycan +2 wolves is good man, those wolves literally destroy man with feral impulse


                            But is it as good as +6 Treants Summoned though?


                              specs haunt illusion damage is so fucking bad