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    Hello bros, I am spamming ta in low mmr games now and even though I stomp laning stage pretty hard idk how to end games.

    This game for example, I hard stomp the enemy before min 20 and then I just kinda die in fightsm idk if its something I'm doing wrong in fights or is the troll just outscaling me.

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      That's just how TA is. He is very similar to Meepo in that you need to have Aegis to siege and end the game and you can't have silly deaths in the midgame from blinking in or some shit.


        Destroy enemy Ancient. :laugh:


          No, TA can scale late game since meld can bash enemy hero. Playing TA is all about knowing what to do and who to aim in fights. I dont watch pros playing TA alot so thats all I can say

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            i will watch ur replay and let you know when you throw the game

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              so one thing i noticed is that you don't use clarities often. before water runes, TA never really bought bottle because it was a waste of money, but now with the water runes and bounties refilling bottle, there's no reason not to get bottle(lots more mana and hp regen), but it still doesn't completely solve your mana issues. you only get 60 mana for using a bottle charge, and refraction costs 100 mana. that's not sustainable

              What i'm trying to say is that before TA bought bottle, guess how she got her mana. Clarities. She still needs clarities too. Bottle doesn't give that much mana regen. it gives some, but not enough to sustain her spells. Everytime you buy an item, buy 1 or two clarities and pop them when you leave lane to go stack/farm.

              That's the first major thing because you start buying claritires at like 13 minutes because the BH stole your bounty rune, but you should be constantly popping them whenever you're not high on mana.

              and i don't think i need to tell you that a TA without mana is more useless than a crystal maiden.

              so your first death is very avoidable. i've thrown many ta games the same way back when i was learning TA.

              you blink into t4 range and get x'd by kunkka without bkb. you die and ping your BH like it's his fault. could he have been there? sure, but should you have dove t4 against kunkka and troll without bkb? NO

              you just hit buildings. that's the main way you win as TA. you kill their BUILDINGS because you come online so fast and only fight if they contest you taking buildings. you don't dive them under t4. you can dive other towers fine, but not T4.

              you also have to account for the fact that you are playing the game with actual apes. not everyone is smurfing, some people are legitamately THAT BAD and will afk jungle. your job is to never die as TA. when you die, you make the game twice as hard for each death. and that has a multiplicative effect.

              after you get the middle rax, you should have immediately gone bottom and started hitting their ranged rax. you likely could have taken it and you had BKB so maybe you could've gotten the melee rax too. (since a fight was breaking out and 1k MMR awareness is non-existent), but instead you back off, killed rubick, and then get x'd while troll is standing on top of you. you should have BKB'd considering troll was standing on you. if troll wasn't nearby, i probably still would have bkb'd considering they were all running down mid.

              then, the LC duels troll(which seems good at the time), and you literally just watch them die to a kunkka boat while you could have bought back. hell, you should have bought back anticipating the fight. if you buy back right as LC dueled troll (or before), you could have killed all of them

              the only play i will blame your 1k mmr teammates for making is pushing the ancient when you should've roshed. i personally think you should have just let them die and take rosh.

              i also would have farmed an aghs blessing after you got the rosh, so you can split push to defend while your wk and centaur (that you should've let die) respawned.

              in these low mmr games, aghs TA can be really good because you can split push all lanes by yourself and it's a good way to win an unwinnable game.

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                also putting a few traps down mid and destroying the enemy creep wave can often stop pushes in these low MMR games. I like to call them 'safety traps' because even if you die, if you have 4 traps on the mid lane (some in front of their base, some by the river, and like 1 in front of your base on the mid lane).

                better players will have a gem or sentries, but that doesn't come in until like 3.5k-4k

                then you split push the side-lanes while they push with no creeps and you get tower dmg and if you have aghs, this can be really annoying as long as you don't die.

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