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    I’m not mad but just disappointed and wanted to share some of my thoughts on this game after a couple thousand hours. Okay so people in this game mostly are spawns from hell which will always disrespect and step on the losing team especially in SEA. I know that i just gotta man up and just ignore those players but I just felt very sad for this game that i used to love. I consider myself as a really chil type cause i mostly play unranked and never talks shit to the opposing team first. gg at the end and thats it. Just wanted to know that are there any decent human being left in this corrupted server?


      can you mention some of stuff they say? im not playing on SEA, really wondering whats going on in that hell server

      AD.GokU™ |

        It's not the matter of what they say, but the frequency.
        It's kinda similar to toxic russian players. They just keep talking/writing whole game without any break in their own language.
        Due to the player density, you get such players almost every alternate game at lower mmr.
        They don't give up, they will feed whole game, block all camps, and then trash talk you for giving up on the game. They want to throw games but at the same time they will try their best to not lose. It's just weird.

        I still remember the game(at around 2k mmr) where I was trash talked for full duration of a 30 mins game, cause I said "Spectre dispersion blocks damage". xD
        1 quote from that game:

        Spectre dispersion is just return damage like blade mail, it doesn't block damage noob.

        Full 30 mins just a variation of this one statement. xD


          Most common are ez, spamming ? and so on even in unranked. The most recent i encountered were 5 stacks bashing my newbie teammates who just started playing for only a month. Calling my team a trash, insulting ones parents and excessive cursing.

          AD.GokU™ |

            Options > Social > change the allowed chat.

            Playing in SEA without muting enemies is not good for your mental health.

            On good days, no amount of TT matters, but on bad days it easily gets to you. The safest option is to mute enemies (if required even your teammates) and enjoy your game.

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              They just wanna boost their fragile ego after winning a game, because such occurrences are so rare for them :). But yea just mute em, or you might get brain damage from all the stupid shit they say.

              SUNS IN 4

                i try to play on SEA and bitches talk shit and acts like they won TI after winning a ranked game

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                Violet Feelsgarden

                  why do you care so much about the opponent's taunts. it would be a different story if you were talking about your own teammates, but if its the opposing team just mute them the moment some stupid comment comes out. no reason to get your panties tangled over some man-child over the internet. The more you retort the more toxicity you add on, so just focus on winning the game first, and question mark them at the end after winning =)


                    Like I said i know i can just mute them but what I’m curious is just that are there any respectful players in this trash server. I’m not tilted but just disappointed in the lowly qualities of people.


                      this is online game. Anyone can trash talk and do whatever they want. If you're unpleased with their attitude just mute them. I rarely mute enemies, but mostly i mute my team mates. If we win the game and so on and im happy with their performance i unmute them. I remember playing some call of duty games and there were people who talk on different language besides english or trash talk and i just mute them and focus on my plays. But since dota 2 is a lot more competitive and team oriented game muting your team mates some times can back fire you since you won't hear what they're planning. Also some times behavior score matter a lot on what types of players you meet, but playing unranked or ranked (not roles) the difference in skill and attitude is huge. For example usually in EU there're more flames than plays or someone is talking on a different language than english. If this is not pleasing you just mute them and move on. Now i played 2 games and these games were good/great almost. We had somewhat team coordination and friendly team mates. Since there will be rank system in any game there'll be more flames than others.
                      Example: Playing games like call of duty/battlefield win or lose you don't really care right? Or let me clarify myself: You're not that angry on your team mates than in dota 2

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                      archon cleaner

                        Well try experiencing LAN games DotA 1 trashtalks.

                        AD.GokU™ |

                          ^^ Dota 1 was way less toxic. The reason being you would be playing with mostly a bunch of friends and mmr was not a thing.
                          The only reason for toxicity was when your most farmed core switched with the enemy team support. xD


                            toxicity has nothing to do with mmr or winning
                            if u put 5 ruskies as teammates in a free lobby against bots, they will eventually flame each other


                              i remember playing dota 1 in garena, but i was constantly playing in the same room and we knew each other and games were way friendly, all tho i was leaving way more than in dota 2. P.S. i was from the bad players -_-

                              Feeding Player

                                I play in SEA. Generally:
                                1) Thais-Rude, but can play for their levels.
                                2) Singaporean and Malaysians - quite peaceful, but will get angry and flame badly if you don't know your role (E.g position 1 attempting to kill instead of farming in laning the whole phase, position 4 going a LC and farming and farming jungle)-Me
                                3) Filipinos - Either 5% good, respectful, nice guys who know their role or 95% hellspawn that spoils the game(wrong itemization, even with all the feedback, and only know how to call other ppl names and bawl about how they are correct rather than take the feedback).
                                4) Indonesians- can play, but they insist on doing whatever their own brain thinks, such as support taking last hits, trying to force kills under tower when a poorer lane, etc.

                                pinoy supp0rt

                                  Many SEA players like myself have genes of Mongolian warrior genghis Khan that's how SEA team defeated Aster, Quincy crew etc

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