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    Read one guy, Kowerta, apparently a good player? I tried what you said, tell me, how do you win the games I'm being forced in day and night for the last 5 years?


    Now just like I quit drugs, and online gambling, I'm just doing a tally on an index card with pen, one by one, sitting through these until one more 'penalty.'

    Tell me, how do you beat 4 impossible matches with leavers, and then to win 1, you have to carry 1v5 rampage with a techies and a leaver?


    How am i still 1k mmr after all this time?

    The one game I won in the last 5 matches I had to carry as my best hero with 1000 games, a hard carry, 1v5?

    1k mmr? What's good? It's me? Or wait, is this fucking game rigged?

    Oh, and before anyone spews the rigged, illusory delusional "it's you, not them, learn to win the game as shaman hard support or die trying" garbage?

    Here's some solid, video evidence of the diarrhea i've been swimming in for the last 3 years.

    This is what you have to do to get from 1000 mmr, to 1030? Oh yeah?: It's me right bro? please teach me Mr. Immortal, i want that badge so much so i can masturbate to it and feel better about my otherwise crap existence?

    I was depressed after that match above, that I slept for 9 hours afterward, and wanted to give up on existing. I felt ashamed that I'm 32 years old and still haven't been able to quit this more than obvious detriment to my life. Then this match right after?:


    You know why I quit online gambling? Because i kept losing to AJ in the dealer's hands every single round. That's what this is starting to feel like, the only way I quit things is when it's blatant in your face rigged

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    Tom Hanx

      Shit happens sometimes when u have 4 others who wont cooperate / or quitters. Try not to tilt i guess. Also i think u are 1k mmr for a reason, maybe try to download ur replay and watch carefully what u did wrong during laning phase. Also kowareta is toxic, but he is really a good pos 5 player. He knows what he is doing.

      [DZ] Unclemom

        You bought 18 tangos in the first 5 mins of the game; eating them constantly even sometimes when you didn't need health. Then you bought a raindrop. By the time you are level 6 on Void you have brown boots quelling blade and no stats. And its not because you werent last hitting. Thats why you are 1k and losing. Always build a magic wand on every single hero and upgrade it, you will get so much use out of it especially against that BB. Also, in that game i would have made a wraith band as well.

        You need to utilize your slots early. You shouldn't need 18 tangos in a lane either, but I do recognize you had no help from the pos 5 techies5. Also, stop auto attacking your creep. Also, after you get that kill on silencer then you leave to stack and pull which is fine, but save it for later. Don't jungle with no items when you have lane creep right there. Like there are so many things you are doing. The game isn't rigged, you just need help with some basics.

        AD.GokU™ |

          Is it that hard to accept the fact that you suck at the game rather than assuming that the system is rigged?
          It's like you ppl are so bad at the game yet you think you make no mistakes and it's always your team's fault.
          Instead of blaming others maybe focus on your own game, then you won't be rotting in 1k mmr. Either put in effort to improve beyond your current mmr or accept the fact that you peaked and stop bitching about game not giving you free mmr. It's simple as that.
          Also, playing 10 games a day doesn't mean you are putting in efforts to improve.
          Instead of nit picking how others play, try downloading your own replay and see how shit you are at the game. Then go ahead from there.

          The main reason why you are stuck in low mmr is cause you just don't wanna acknowledge the fact that you suck at the game.
          How they fuck are you ever gonna get better at game, if you don't self-reflect?

          you are saying you did 1v5 in this game?

          when there's literally a zeus with more NW, GPM, XPM, Dmg and a better KDA?

          As I said, you low mmr players overestimate yourself so much.
          Download that replay and watch how shitty you played in that game. That might give you some insight on why you are never gonna get out of 1k mmr with your current self.

          pinoy supp0rt

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              AD.GokU™ |

                Feels good to stay rent free in empty heads of Low mmr monkeys. Chasing me across multiple threads. This is just precious.


                Can't climb as core, Can't climb as support.
                As I said before, It's not impossible to climb as pos 4/5. It's impossible for monkeys like you to climb mmr.
                Back to crusader soon.

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                  How tf is it possible to have 10k matches and still be at that bracket

                  pinoy supp0rt

                    lul typical brain damaged autist ran out of comebacks and resorts to pulling my match history up. Guess what u filthy retarded cockroach? Most people dont calculate their self worth based on their dota results and losing a game doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. Autist dog you're like the frog in the well who thinks the sky is a small circle.

                    Seriously a moron assuming you're being "chased across multiple threads" when I'm just doing my moral duty to warn others about your psychiatric issues lol

                    AD.GokU™ |

                      Seriously a moron assuming you're being "chased across multiple threads" when I'm just doing my moral duty to warn others about your psychiatric issues lol

                      I think you should take deep breaths. Your brain function is severely compromised due to lack of oxygen. I don't think you are able to comprehend what you are writing.
                      I ain't gonna ask you to stop though. Keep it coming, this is just pure entertainment at this point. Watching someone make a fool of themselves over and over, is just way too precious.

                      pinoy supp0rt

                        once again re-using words that i taught u. like in a slum kid charity school where the whole school shits in the same hole that they drink from Xd

                        AD.GokU™ |

                          Meh, that was weak, just like your gameplay.
                          Please try harder else this is just boring.

                          pinoy supp0rt

                            Lol autist in a coma could probably score higher on iq test than u. So dumb to the point that it's almost unbelievable.

                            You're pathetic and embarrassed yourself on the forum that u attribute 100% of your self worth to. You can lie to yourself but everyone knows that is the truth lol


                            AD.GokU™ |

                              I doubt that. I'm not the one chasing a random person across forums over a petty disagreement.

                              pinoy supp0rt

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                                  kowetowarera isnt good


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                                    AD.GokU™ |

                                      How many fcking times do I have to say before u will absorb this in your filth cockroach brain? I'm warning people about u. Not talking to u

                                      The fact that you are able to write that unironically, is the best part about this.
                                      Keep going though. Don't let me stop you from embarrassing yourself more.


                                        To the op:

                                        Start by changing your mindset, focus only on what you do and dont give a shit about what your teammates do. Even if your pos 5 is an am.

                                        You are doing so many things wrong on your own you have no idea. You will get amazed on how easy is to 1v9 in this bracket on whatever hero if you start changing in-game habits . The problem is that you are playing in autopilot, repeating the same mistakes every game and as a result you have entered into a loophole out of which you cannot escape.

                                        First step on the way out is to change your mentality.


                                          i dont think i ever seen such a low iq garbage player such as enigma in my lifetime including the times i were 900 mmr
                                          he literally not using black hole on enemy position one which is AM!!!! whole fucking game he wants to 5 man ult. he uses ult on ench + lion but he refuses to ult on a fucking am who buybacked and got rooted by mirana for 2 sec AND HE IS FUCKING SITTING NEXT TO HIM!!!!!! he has no fucking clue what he is doing and yet he is a BLUE STAR. HIGH MMR PLAYER

                                          the whole immortal bracket is full of these apes. literally low iq brainless shit players who spam broken busted heroes which require literally 0 skill to play
                                          ta, am, timber, tide, tinker, morph, enigma, ...
                                          if u cant even do that to escape 1k-2k-3k mmr just fucking give up! i dont know what to say.

                                          on a side note, thank you for amazing ice frog for his pogchamp hero design. its always a pleasure to see braindeads who have literally 0 game sense (storm jumping on chen and get stunned by creeps :/ enigma 3 times not using black hole on enemy position one WHICH IS A FUCKING AMMMMMMMM!!! A FUCKING AM!!!) sitting on 60%+ winrate on their balanced heroes. thank you for nerfing chen. i dont even expect them to give this hero immortal set in next 10 tis, but its gonna be nice if he gets an aghs which is not worse than an item every hero can fucking buy


                                            OP has 10000 games and still is worse than me which is an accomplishment

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                                            pinoy supp0rt

                                              Pls bro let's not distract from the real topic here which is Goku the filthy pervert child molester and probably descendent of war criminals, rapists, and autist inbred dog anus lickers

                                              HexyRose :X

                                                if u are angry stop playing for a while. only play in the times you have a + mood. if u lose, take a break for at least 10-15 minutes.
                                                I guess your problem is you ply too much and lose and continue playing in that shit mood, instead of noticing your mistakes

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                                                  pinoy supp0rt

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                                                    AD.GokU™ |

                                                      filthy cockroach shitstain worthless sickening perverted autist

                                                      That's not a nice way to introduce yourself.


                                                        Just pick one carry hero to spam, and mute the rest of your team each game. Even if ur teammates feed and the enemies push to ur tier 2s, try to find space in enemy jungle and farm up, and tp back when they overcommit diving tier 3s