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pinoy supp0rt

    Chapter 1:

    Born in a sewer he grew up with rats,
    Treating them as family, then eating dead family's corpse like a disgusting pest,
    Soon even the rats avoid him, totally sickened by his degenerate filth aura (global),
    Constantly tormented by his demons - flashbacks of brutal anal humiliation by his own father,
    Decides to install dota.

    pinoy supp0rt

      Chapter 2:

      From the first game he knew he found his true family. A wonderful community of filth scum trash where he felt totally comfortable.

      One day walking on the streets he met the love of his life - Patricia the yellow stained waifu pillow. But she was expensive and Goku had less money than iq (basically 0).

      Goku had to come up with plan to steal from his mother rich from working 16 hours a day with random men.

      ...chapter 3 to be continued

      pinoy supp0rt

        Chapter 3:

        Goku grew up at the brothel and knew all employees on first name basis. "hello, gonorrhea wh0re" he would greet for example when seeing his own biological sister.
        He knew the place inside out. It would be easy job to get the money to be finally with Patricia the waifu pillow.
        The night before the heist, Goku took 1 final wank surfing the dark web of beast porn and went to bed early.
        In his sleep - constantly tormented by his demons (flashbacks of brutal anal humiliation by his own father),
        Goku wakes up in a cold sweat and switches on his disgusting yellow jizz stained PC...

        ... chapter 4 to be continued


          I love when weebs fight each other

          ROAD TO HERALD 0

            The birth of an epic love story that rivals QOP & Wraith King :wink:

            Uninstall Dota

              You and Goku should create a lobby and 1v1 each other. Your stories are meaningless without any Dota characters.

              pinoy supp0rt

                thanks gentleweebs for your supp0rt to this journalism (yes, everything is true story).

                chapter 4 coming soon


                  elaborate on the humiliation, did a rat go up your ass?


                    Grow up

                    pinoy supp0rt

                      Chapter 4:

                      The desktop loads into his last webpage, basically immoral and violent underage material that Goku enjoys daily.
                      The chair is still slightly wet, stained with his most recent release. Random pubes caked with dried semen layer all over the sickening filthy throne that the cockroach claims.
                      He loads his favorite forum and the source of his entire self worth i.e dotabuff forums


                        I played 10matches so I can comment "WP" rofl

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                          ^ I just played with you LOL

                          frozen cum lube

                            Epic, just epic

                            pinoy supp0rt

                              Chapter 5:

                              Dotabuff was where Goku could feel a little more human (despite being fated to be subhuman filth forever). Finally! A platform where people actually reply him, for the first time in his life! Tonight however, Goku was too distracted thinking about Patricia and all the dirty things that he would do once she was finally his. It was already 4am, but Goku could not take it anymore. The filthy cockroach was overcome by a sudden, strong, and uncontrollable urge to relieve his sickening twisted perverse desire on the next victim. He put on his smelly yellow stained clothes and decided to head outside - maybe he would get lucky and find a victim outside alone at 4am.

                     be continued


                                Lmao finally a quality post

                                pinoy supp0rt

                                  Chapter 6:

                                  He finds a lone figure at the end of the street and creeps closer to get a better look.
                                  It's a 70yo street beggar smelly even from 10ft away.
                                  His sickening twisted mind flashbacks to the last memory of his own grandma's decomposed corpse and all the ways he used to satisfy himself with it, then return the corpse back to the fridge, over and over again for years.
                                  He thinks of Patricia and how perfect her corpse would look in his fridge too.
                                  His mind flashes back to reality and the beggar is barely 2ft away. The beggar looks scared and starts to run
                                  Goku lunges forward to stab the victim but he misses
                                  The beggar manages to bite Goku - sinking his rotten degenerate teeth into Goku's ankle
                                  Goku cries out in pain as both the cockroach and the beggar begin to realize that Goku is now the victim...

                                  pinoy supp0rt

                                    Chapter 7:

                                    Filth cockroach goku wakes up from his nightmare. Thank Gaben, it was only a nightmare...

                                    His sticky smelly yellow cum stained bedsheets is stuck to his fcking foreskin once again. Those wet dreams of anal memories with daddy are seriously un hygienic.

                                    The phone rings, but before Goku can reach out to answer it, he sees emerging from the shadows a very familiar figure - his pet and best friend for the last 16 years - but it's dead nailed to the wall.

                                    "What the fuck is going on?" he thinks as he finally rips off the last part of foreskin that was glued onto the bed sheet

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                                      waiting for chapter 8 desperately please my life depends on this please where is chapter 8 fuck

                                      frozen cum lube

                                        this is jk rowling level writing

                                        pinoy supp0rt

                                          Thanks gentleweebs for your supp0rt. You're all too kind. I'm just a journalist doing my duty writing about truth that's all.

                                          Journalism is a tough career so it's very nice to see your encouraging words. Chapter 8 is coming soon

                                          Also looking for guest writers for chapter 9. If anyone is interested pls comment here

                                          pinoy supp0rt

                                            Chapter 8:

                                            After peeling his foreskin off the bed sheet, filth Goku tries to get off the bed but realizes he is chained.
                                            The filthy cockroach starts peeing in his pants (as usual) as he grows more fearful! His urine emits a sick odor that makes even rotten sewage with covid corpses smell like flowers
                                            A dark figure approaches...
                                            Goku is very scared, but involuntarily he still gets a stiff erection (on his deformed penis, it looks more like a rusty fish hook) as he's reminded of brutal anal humiliation from his own daddy <3
                                            At that moment, Goku realized in horror that his entire scrotum and testicles are missing! Fuck!!!
                                            In its place a pus5y shaped scar sewed together wound still fresh.
                                            What happened to me? Who did this? Goku wonders as he realizes that he will never be able to taste his own ejaculate again

                                   be continued


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                                                im interested to contribute in chapter 9 pls

                                                pinoy supp0rt

                                                  go ahead bro show us your journalism skills


                                                    Chapter 9:

                                                    Struck by terror due to the thought of never being able to taste his poor quality semen ever again, Goku barged into a fit of rage.
                                                    He endeavored to break free from the chains, but his physical strength did not allow so as it was just as downright low as his degenerate scum bag self.
                                                    The dark figure had yet to reveal itself...
                                                    But filthy cockroach could care less about the silhouette while so much was going on, both physically and inside his dirty disgusting dog feces mind..
                                                    The wound started to fester and it reminded the cockroach of his own grandma's decomposed corpse, but this time it felt different as he could not get a hard on without a penis.
                                                    Soon the rage turned into tears as the cockroach could not handle so many emotions.
                                                    He starts to cry and beg for mercy for all the sins he hath committed, resulting in the silhouette letting out a laughter.
                                                    Why is it laughing? What's so funny?
                                                    The figure approaches closer and finally reveals its true identity...
                                                    Daddy? is that... you??

                                           be continued.


                                                      This is like the kind of stuff we thought up with my school friends when we where 12 lol

                                                      pinoy supp0rt

                                                        Absolutely brilliant work my man

                                                        JON BONES JONES

                                                          The fuck are u window lickers on

                                                          pinoy supp0rt

                                                            Love the part where he thought about grandma but couldn't get a hard on.

                                                            Pure gold my man!!


                                                              Appreciate it brother, this wouldnt have been possible without you, i am just continuing your master piece and that too as a guest writer, i feel honored. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on this beautiful piece.


                                                                with that being said, i would love to contribute in chapter 10 if thats fine with you.


                                                                  Story got weird REAL QUICK.

                                                                  pinoy supp0rt

                                                                    @iwasreborn - of cos!! pls do my man. Add on as much as you want (but take care of your health too. Writing about this topic can lead to brain cancer due to Goku's toxicity). This thread doesn't belong to me, it belongs to the community here who deserve to know the truth. We are just humble journalists doing our duty to write about truth

                                                                    @stance - soz bro not a story. this is the Truth


                                                                      Chapter 10:

                                                                      Yes, it is I, your beloved father, XxAnALhum1iliat0rxX, immortal rank 69 EU region!

                                                                      Goku's daddy<3 has finally come back to his filthy wanker pathetic excuse of a son after ages of grinding and becoming a pro player at this beautiful game, DotA2-
                                                                      a game where when Goku plays it, he feels as if it were made for his disgusting putrid unhygienic self.

                                                                      Goku had always looked up to his father since he was young, after all, how could he forget being brutally butt fucked by his own father?
                                                                      All those lovely memories of having his daddy's 6 inch punisher up his rotten clenched asshole brought a smile to the cockroach's face even after he was chained to his smelly jizz stained bedsheets with his penis missing.

                                                                      So, Goku, your great father is now a doTa 2 pr0 player! I expect my son to be just as good! Tell me.. what is your mMr, my beloved son?

                                                                      Filth cockroach chuckled as if he were in danger.
                                                                      Even after playing the game for years and years, the idiot was stuck deep down in the bottomless trenches of the nauseating garbage herald bracket of the SEA region (land of pinoys and lifeless losers just like himself, but better).

                                                                      This is definitely not going to make daddy proud...
                                                                      Cockroach (or should we say roach at this point since the idiot does not have a cock anymore) hesitated to spill out the truth to his daddy, but how long could he hide it?

                                                                      ''420, Daddy'' (Herald 1) as he mutters the words out of his dirty foul stench mouth, probably because of the fact that he never took the effort to brush his degenerate teeth and all the low quality cum he chugs down on a daily basis.

                                                                      XxAnALhum1iliat0rxX could not believe what he just heard.
                                                                      He thought to himself - Was the anal humiliation not enough? (As he pulls down his pants and gets naked)
                                                                      Daddy... what are you doing??? Daddy?!!?!?!

                                                                      To be continued..

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                                                                      pinoy supp0rt

                                                                        i feel like crying bro. u are writing better than i could ever dream of... such beautiful words you are truly a natural talent journalist


                                                                          WTF IS THIS CRINGE STORY, EDGY TEENS MAKING STORIES

                                                                          pinoy supp0rt

                                                                            Chapter 11:

                                                                            XxAnALhum1iliat0rxX tries to shove as violently as possible deep into cockroach Goku's anus..
                                                                            However this time it felt like he was humping an autist monkey's brutally murdered corpse,
                                                                            cockroach Goku's filthy nether regions have been completely ravaged by the recent surgery and it just didn't feel the same to XxAnALhum1iliat0rxX.
                                                                            Feeling totally sickened and disgusted by his ugly useless son, he shoves cockroach Goku away just as the police arrive at the scene.

                                                                            The police are looking for cockroach Goku - wanted for violent sexual harassment of baby reptiles at the zoo.
                                                                            The confused policemen were extremely curious and couldnt help asking XxAnALhum1iliat0rxX "sir, you mean this disgusting animal spawned from your seed and you didn't feel the civic duty to flush him down the fcking toilet as unwanted semen after casual afternoon wank??"
                                                                            XxAnALhum1iliat0rxX stood silently and ashamed as his son was led away to the local police station.

                                                                            To be continued...


                                                                              Chapter 12:

                                                                              As he stood there, with his face showing utter disappointment in his cockless roach of a son.
                                                                              His ugly thotiana daughter, locally known as ''gonorrhea wh0re'' decided to show up to this fuss of a situation.

                                                                              gonorrhea wh0re is in fact so slu tty that even after her useless cum dumpster of a brother had been arrested by the policemen and her father (who she met after a long ass time ever since she was sold to the brothel as a prostitute so that her father could afford a gaming pc) who was still dealing with the aftermath of what had happened, she managed to bring along 3 of her male fucc buddies to the scene, one of them with his c0ck inserted inside of her unclean vagina (she still did not wash the cum stains of over a thousand men she has slept with) and the other two suckled at each of her teats.

                                                                              dAdDyY (she could not talk properly as she was moaning so loud that even 80 year old deaf dimwits could hear her) whuT aRe yu doinG heRe? AhhH!

                                                                              XxAnALhum1iliat0rxX could not remember the last time he came into contact with a girl, after all, he is a dotA 2 pr0 player, he does not have time for girls and socializing with the outside world, he probably forgot the fact that he even had children during his period of constant grinding. Seeing a girl, even his own biological daughter, gave him a huge boner, so huge in fact, his penis broke out of the zippers and sprung out. 2 more minutes and he would have came all over the place.

                                                                              But no, there were more important tasks at hand. He need to bail his son A.K.A filthy roach out of the jail (he'd rather not) but he had come to his pathetic zoo animal son for a good reason after such a long time.

                                                                              The reason is yet unknown..

                                                                              To be continued...

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                                                                                Meanwhile the 2 guys writing this are both archon rank, coincidence? Maybe


                                                                                  The two people writing this are in fact the same person, which is rather sad.


                                                                                    dude. i dont even know this other guy XD wtf r u guys on about

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