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General DiscussionHeart is a nice item now

Heart is a nice item now in General Discussion
卍pudge king卍

    1. No one buys vessel cus it sucks dick.
    2. Satanic/skadi not as good.
    3. Cheap
    3. Sny heart turns you into mini alch with 100 hp regen.
    4. Bkb is useless on cooldown
    5. Great item versus placables and spam spells
    6. Enables you to buy a rapier
    Buy this great item. Its only 700 gold more than halberd and 800 gold more than bkb.

    Bu konu düzenlendi

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        I buy it on CK but as a situational item when I don't need BKB or Skadi or Overwhelming Blink.


          yeah pl heart is back now


            its literally good on all heroes now.

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            Ayaneru   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

              Go for Strength Blink instead. The only thing where I can see Heart useful is when you are against dps hero (veno, batrider, doom).

              PL should go Mage Slayer instead.
              Alche should go Halberd/SnY for life regen amp
              CK or DK should go Aghs for hp.


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                  idk bout rapier and bkb, but it's cool. bcoz ultimately S&Y is better on cores, not many need flat regen, more lifesteal+dmg=satanic or status resistance + dmg + ms=sny

                  nice impact

                    new meta confirmed, rush a heart every game on every hero and then tank spells for your retard teammates. gg ez

                    SoloGiallo#новый год

                      Cause it have no utility , whyle there are 3 different items that make u tank spell and give u something else in return , aoe with pipe , Mana with the new item and new blink that made those spammer on defensive mode , only centaur funny build is able to go heart x6