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General DiscussionI dont think so 7.23 patch is good for everyone

I dont think so 7.23 patch is good for everyone in General Discussion
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    What ya think for the outlanders update?

    Haikyuu Hinata

      One thing for sure : that my fps is worse than before update.

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        @CutePoison +

        has fps issue


          I think pubs will enjoy, pro scene will be so chaotic..


            Fine with everything except neutral items

            Dojima no Ryu`

              everything is fine , im just really against neutral items tbh , i think it makes the game less skill based and definitely give some hero power spikes way too early so comebacks are harder especially when enemy tries to control your jungle too.


                i had 1-6 fps on main menu , after 7.23 patch , so lag , cant play mmr match or normal game make simple down rank , so worst patch ever.. any someone same here ?


                  Garbage Patch. The gameplay sucks since nobody actually supports its essentially 5 cores running around the map. Team-work is a lot harder since the game does not require as much on small levels anymore and the Items can be downright broken in certain situations. Screw this Patch and the LD and AM buffs.


                    idk about you guys but i have an i7 1060 3gb and 32gb of ram and i play on all settings lowest and 80% render for graphics. i always played games for the game, not fancy graphics. turn ur settings down unless you have to be wow'd by fancy particle effects

                    actually i have all settings on high except i turned down my renders to 95% but turned off all the advanced settings

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                      1v5 You have an i7 and 32Gig and play on Lowest? this game has always been heavy processor usage and your processor my friend should make short work of DOTA unless you have some Absolute garbage GPU. I run an old 8 Core vishera and play this shit on ULTA even with a GTX770. Now I have a 1070 and it easy's this shit.

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