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    Is it fair to use overwolf, and how much of an advantage does it give you.


      yes, cause ppl can just hide their data now


        Hi take me away,

        I'm from Overwolf and I came across your post. Just wanted to assure you that Overwolf is indeed fair to use, and you shouldn't worry about getting banned :)
        You can see Valve's stance on Overwolf here:

        Regarding advantage - are you referring to any specific app?


          just gives you a slight advantage, people pick wth their brain anyway

          flourishing new leaf

            You pick what you want anyway


              The biggest advantage is that you can see a hero spammer from mile away. And believe me banning the fucking meepo/visage/techies/broodmother and I dont know what other mega annoying and unfair hero is the best feeling ever.

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              flourishing new leaf

                Even if the account is private and has the games hidden?