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why my medal Percentage not increase?? in General Discussion

    Greetings..i want to ask expert out there why my medal didnt change...let me explain the situation here..

    My solo mmr previous 10 solo games = 4450 (ancient 5)
    My party mmr = around 2.5k

    I won 1 game and got promoted to ancient 6..and after won 5 games i got ancient 7 (4580mmr).. Since i got ancient7, i never lose a single game..beside i won it all 4 games..the problem is my medal percentage not increase at all..0% anvient 7...even after won 4 games solo(i never lost a single game since i got ancient 7)

    Is it because my party mmr too low??or because gaben already fixed in order to get divine my mmr should be around 4.9k..

    My current mmr is 4680(ancient 7 0%)


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      u cant get to divine with party mmr there is a cap for party mmr at anc 7 so u must gain solo mmr needed for div


        Thats the most careless answer that i ever seen in my life..

        I already wrote there my ancient7 medal is based on solo...

        Anyway tq for answering..not helping..


          Ancient 7 is around 4750-4800 MMR

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            lul, how ur medal is based on solo?
            anyway cause u ppl is dumbest i ever seen, why we argue :)
            here is the numbers, when u get ~4900 solo mmr ur percent will increase :)

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              OP - thats because your anc 7 is a combination of ur solo and party. Ur skill lvl is not at anc 7 yet until u hit 4850 in your solo mmr and thats where u start to see% becos then the system actually recognise u r close to a divine. My fren is a 4.4k solo mmr with party 4k and he is also now anc 7 but neither his 4.4k and 4k is where near divine so he sees no % like you.


                im 4.8k mmr and still ancient should be around 4.9k to have a medal percentage..


                  yeap..i was thinking the same.. thanks for the details clarification..

                  @Kowareta lul...u the one talking bout party mmr when im questioning bout my solo...learn to read carefully and dont be mad when its your fault..LOL