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General DiscussionRADIANT MEEPO FARMING PATTERN FOR BLINK AT 10 (Legend smurf replay)

RADIANT MEEPO FARMING PATTERN FOR BLINK AT 10 (Legend smurf replay) in General Discussion
iM gOINg mId

    1:00 - Farm lane, use poof to secure cs. First wave ; use poof to kill range and normal creep together.

    2:45 - Stack medium and large camps. Stack medium camp closest to tower at 54 and other hard camp beside it at 55.

    (Go back to lane)

    3:45 - stack hard camp closest to mid tier 2 (same hard camp as 2:45).

    6:00 - kill stacks

    7:00 - Invade Dire medium and hard camp.

    7:40 - go to shrine camps. Stack medium camp.

    8:30 - return to midlane.

    8:50 - kill hard camp closest to tier 1.

    9:00 - Push mid wave

    9:30 - kill medium and hard camp radiant side.

    10:00 - Kill camps again.

    After dagger at 10, proceed to gank and slaughter everyone that shows on the map.

    Took this from a Legend smurf replay. I hope this helps. This is aimed towards people that struggle to get 110 cs at 10 mins like me :D


      I see what you are trying to do here but this is not starcraft where you are on a strict timer, there are so many other factors like supports roaming, mid match up and stuff.


        You don't even need to get 110 CS @ 10 min for that.

        Usually if you get around 85-90 CS at min @ 10 u will have:

        pt, 2x wb and blink

        Bu yorum düzenlendi

          poof the creeps kill the mid smallcamp stack the big camp and so on .

          Kaptain KKona

            replay id?

            PRAISE THE SUN!

              lets see the replay




                  U can get 10 min blink only jungling mepo

                  Venom of the Red Lotus

                    people get 13 min dagger eb


                      popcorn pls


                        >invade dire medium camp
                        U wanna die? Lul


                          get the eblade first

                          Bu yorum düzenlendi
                          panasnya neraka legend

                            ive seen some crazy meepo shit from ink like 10 minute manta lol