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How to lane against Bristle. in General Discussion

    Please help. Bristle is so annoying in lane. He spams w and you can't go for a single LH as you will get bursted down. U buy wand and all the regen in the world, he will run me down in lane forever.


      same as timber basically

      - play strong lane support, have your roamer start in bristles lane
      - kill him on level 1, over and over again
      - watch your carry, ranged favourable, freefarm


      - pick luna and press Q. lunar beam comes from above, there should be no damage reduction


        KOTOL is love KOTOL is life

        Carries like Naix and Gyro shit on bristle

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          you need to aggro the creeps to you so you can last hit out of range of the quills.


            if you and your support are smart enough, you'll be pushing the wave and he, pulling the upcoming one. So that bristle will be outleveled = dead bristle


              I've tried pulling the creeps towards me. His quills can still get him a few LH. Once he gets his lvl 10 mana regen talent, his quills will never stop and he'll whack you if you get to close.

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              Amanda shafira

                BAN or PICK it


                  That's what I do for now.



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                        More or less like playing against timber or huskar.

                        Either you trilane and keep killing him or just avoid the lane.

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                        Potato Marshal

                          Early aggression and good positioning, don't be a retarded tri-lane where all three guys try to chase from behind and give him a triple kill.

                          Silences are great too, my favorite support to pick against bb is silencer, moreso for curse than your silences though. Just try your best to trade early game without taking more than 3 quill stacks.

                          Prizm [MuteAllChat]

                            I think I always lose to dual lane with bb. But as solo offlane he's not that good tbh. As position 5 I always try to zone him out and try to give my carry full exp. When my carry gets level 3 and bb is still level 1 it's an easy kill. Or something like when my carry is level 5 and bb is level 3.

                            You have to pull and farm your exp in order to kill bb easily.

                            I hate laning vs bb on dire side. It's much harder because he can juke you near the side shop. It's a bit harder to get him there. Also pulling the big camp on dire is kinda risky since he can solo kill you if your carry player is autistic or doesn't give a shit about you.

                            And yeah if you picked something like rubick/shaker as position 5 and you are dual laning I think you are fucked. Rest In Peace.

                            Frankly, a really annoying hero especially if you give him a lot of exp (either you fucked up your pull or your carry fucked up and pushed lane).


                              as an-ex bristle spammer here is how it goes:
                              - dont chase when he have more than 1/2 hp and we have 3 stack, WE DIE
                              - if carry use naix or necro if want to easy lane
                              - if support, bristle just hate support that slows its movement speed


                                His W is phsyical, so use high armor heros: DK, Timbersaw


                                  get slark in laning phase u will die but mid game to late game i really like it since the more tankier the enemy is the more stats u can steal, then silver edge is one of him core items that can rekt bristle back and after that pounce won't let him escape then the high regen helps u to just shut him down
                                  OD can do that as well od can rekt bristle back solo without any supports in his lane u can counter pick him and others from ur team can go help other lanes
                                  viper is a kind of option because of the break he has
                                  if u wanna win a bristle back u need to use ur brain break the borders and go for new staff srsly :D like OD safe Viper Safe they're very good. if u look at pro tournaments. you see they care a lot about laning stage and when there is a bristle for example in enemy team and they have a viper. the viper keeps chasing bristle i mean when bristle is in top lane viper goes top even if they picked it for mid ... they send it to bristle. when bristle tp s bot viper goes after him and keeps shutting him down. in low mmr brackets i prefer slark mostly since u won't get reported for picking a OD, viper carry and also it's good at the same time.

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                                  Ayase  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                                    - pick luna and press Q. lunar beam comes from above, there should be no damage reduction

                                    Are you sure about this?


                                      Get a wand and use aggro to drive out creeps out of his range and be as aggressive as u can be and just shit on him and dont allow him to get to lvl 2.


                                        Well, I just use DK everytime I see a BB. I get his regen lvl 1 and max it out along with his fire breath.


                                          Is timber or void a better offlaner to shit on BB ?


                                            FYI im an offlaner and tend to play against safelane BB

                                            Story Time

                                              safelane bb :D hehehehehe. Just get some ranged shit to kill him, or simply go ck and fock him hard :D (support help is recommended)

                                              Rubick Fanboy

                                                Magic wand

                                                ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

                                                  1, 3lane with strong sups
                                                  2, lots of disables
                                                  3, pick anti bristle heroes like cyka knight coupled with AA drow can also beat bristle


                                                    ^ But i almost always solo offlane. And even when i buy magic wand, BB still can burst me down.


                                                      i mean, as long as the offlaner youre targeting isnt very highly skilled, they cant handle aggresion well. properly managing creeps and aggression you can beat the low skill bristle even as a solo slark/antimage (no mana=no quills; lvl 2 essence shift he cant trade)

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                                                        No idea how you lane Luna vs. bristle. Isn’t she pretty much the worst option seeing as she is squishy as a ranged hero but has crappy attack range and turn rate?


                                                          pick drow carry and aa supp = sad bb


                                                            I see no one really have a answer expect gyro,necro,ls being good counter pick,kotl as support his leak very good.Overall i think hero is really strong (propably not 5k+),feel this hero have always impact,mistakes bb made are often turned into advantage,thats a reason i loved support bb with wisp,even weaker players of bracket can carry or at least have a big impact.
                                                            So i would only recommended these counter picks and be just always carefull about this guy.


                                                              ^hero is very strong, in early game, later its useless and solo killed by any natural silver edge carrier. Bristle is just a meme under 3k, people above pick offlaners that actualy provide some utility for the team...


                                                                Monkey King.


                                                                  Zone him at level 1.
                                                                  Slark is pretty good against BB, take essence shift at level 1 - paired with a support that can stun/slow, you just run him down and steal his stats. BB will die pretty fast.
                                                                  MK is GREAT vs bb, just dont sit passive behind the creepwave and let him get level 3-5 without contesting, at that point the lane is already lost. BB is completly useless if he doesen't get a good start

                                                                  Path of Darkness

                                                                    monkey king, naix, gyro , creep aggro mechanics. Basically if you want to have a good lane against him , you need to pick a carry who can trade with him and come out on top or tell/ convince your supports to go trilane and zone him out from lvl 1, lvl 3 or 5 is his strongest IMO, dont let him get there uncontested in the offlane.

                                                                    Also even if you lose the lane against a bb , farm safe , get a bkb and silver edge and you can kill him easily. Just dont focus on him in 5v5 or team clashes if you cannot counter him with your items(silveredge,bkb,bloodthron) or spells(hex,doom ultis,silence, vipers break,etv). Most important tip : Avoid extended teamfights against bb for god's sake.

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                                                                      ^so bkb is good versus bristle back :D wow, hahaha

                                                                      Path of Darkness

                                                                        Ya mid game if you dont want to get kited by bb and his team and want to manfight their team. I'm not talking about bkb against bristle in particular , more like bkb against a team against bb's team as you can run fast him and focus on the right target.

                                                                        A good bb player would be in the carry's face in clashes and will want you to waste your dmg / spells on him. Afcourse there are few other items to dodge him in team clashes, it depends on the fucking game. But bkb aint bad and afcourse more than 50% carry players in pubs skip bkb when its needed as well.

                                                                        like im gonna lose u

                                                                          pick necro = anti tank XD


                                                                            Ever heard of shaman? A hero who can solo zone out 95 percent of the offlaners


                                                                              as a supp i go lion, skill stun and mana drain (1-3-3-2-3... ) constantly do stun+mana drain
                                                                              as a carry viper and trax are good but depends on draft if they can carry game or not, sometimes i go am for manaburn too and it works if u have a stunner supp

                                                                              and for sure trilane helps if you have 2 or more stunners ... if you dont have good stuns/disables you would just feed him more!!! and better to face him solo


                                                                                Viper is one of the best counter hero for BB because Viper has Break Skill his 2nd skill.

                                                                                BB's 3rd skill and Ulti are pretty useless against Viper just use 2nd skill and u'll get an ez kill...see my previous match using Viper so ez no need to buy Silver Edge just to Break BB's Passive skill...Thank me Later Folks.


                                                                                  Pick jugg and ursa. Most bb think he is immortal in lower levels and actually really easy to take down


                                                                                    Bristleback almost always goes solo offlane. You can either play triple safe lane to zone him out or you can play 1 safe lane like Ursa, Dragon Knight, Timbersaw (basically making the safe lane the offlane) and focus on winning the offlane. Bristleback has poor creep equilibrium-controlling capacity, so if you keep the wave near your tower, he might be too afraid to come in for last-hitting.

                                                                                    How 'bout no?

                                                                                      If you are playing a support, pick heroes like sky, silencer(harass with 2nd), ezlor who can run BB out of lane without disturbing the creep equilibrium.... if you are playing carry, you can try countering him by picking a counter hero as many above have suggested, but that carry might not suit the game overall.... instead practise laning against BB effectively... Drawing creep aggro, knowing how to fill your wand charges without actually taking the spam from him, also apart from wand, buying a stout shield would help you block some of the quill spray damage.... Don't know if you already know this, but quill spray is physical dmg and not magical....




                                                                                          you should try techies
                                                                                          not sure how techies helps against bristle but at least hes fun to play


                                                                                            Anyone try viper as a position 4 since his rework against bristle just wondering how it turned out .


                                                                                              For laning stage: playing solo offlane against bb is so fucking izi ffs just chill go pull his waves deny the ranged creeps and GG srsly BB safe lane is a joke how u can lose to him just don't fight chill and pull ur wave or take theirs under ur T2 tower
                                                                                              For mid game: get a silver edge or minus armor or spirit vessel they're all good options depending on ur hero

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