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    хуйня пудж лучше


      pudge is GAY

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      Player 89673858

        Kinda annoying how he's more common now because people pick him less(weirdly enough). Used to be he was either banned or double picked. I guess people pick him a bit less now so this obnoxious hero is back now


          I’d pick brood here


            I’d pick pudge here


              It is absolutely viable support. It's a hero that can change tides of the game at any stage with single ability without farm. That's why you DO max hook, as it's incredible damage earlier on and if you don't hit hook you're useless anyway.

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                Valve, delete pudge pls.


                  Pudge is the mascot of DOTA. He always has been.

                  Boat Anchor

                    Pudges are either great and give you nightmares (10% of the time, usually pos 2 or 3) or are awful but in a funny way (90% of the time, and yes you guessed it, support role)

                    Personally I’m torn on the hero… part of me never wants to see him, and that same part remembers all the times he’s saved me in a fight by hooking his teammate away accidentally..

                    Пофармил? уёбище

                      I usually pick Pudge on offlane and go towards Rot improvement becoming aforementioned Leshrac with Bloodstone for lifesteal after aghs, Shiva and so on. And it's so cool to see people just melt and you lifestealing out of them. So as pos 3 or 2 it's viable and scary if snowballed so remember: Pudge doesn't lose, Pudge's team does.

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                      Zesty Bacon

                        The hero is like it's skill, hit or miss.

                        Support pudge only works when you are ahead which is hard to do because he just leechs exp and offer no pressure when hook is on cooldown.

                        V.S Chernomirdin

                          Pudge-is the hero of two different categories of People. In one Hand we have fcn gods of dota, who always hooks enemies and save all of your teammates by one Ulti. In other hand we have absolutly NS guys, who hooks only your sanity)
                          There is no other way


                            Pudge is the scorpion from mortal kombat and king k rool of ssbu


                              Rarely play pudge anymore. Still my most played hero xd

                              ВАЙТ ПАУЭР

                                Если пудж промазал хуком
                                Отправить в чат "Хорошо сыграно"
                                КЛИКНУТЬ на скил пуджа хук

                                Only carry

                                  I guess pudge is not for pro matches really
                                  But he is pretty fun