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      Its gonne be probly a mid hero with a strong ganking phase. Similar to Invoker or Pudge. I predict hes gonne have ult that makes enemy heros fight with eachother like maybe Wivern

      Nemesis 041

        A lot of heroes who've had personas and arcanas have referenced some kind of mind control in some of their voice lines, which go unused. I propose Ringmaster will posses a similar ability, taking total control of an enemy hero and perhaps allowing them to attack their own allies, or if not, just take control of their movements temporarily.

        If anyone has played Heroes of the Storm (yeah, that MOBA people forgot), Sylvanas had a similar ability which would briefly allow her to control the actions of an enemy, leaving the player originally controlling it helpless, if only for a few seconds. She could only make them move however, she couldn't order the victim to attack others.

        Perhaps Ringmaster's ult would do something like this, and it could either be a channeling spell, or otherwise taking control would leave him greatly vulnerable, allowing the target's allies to attack him to break his hold on his victim.

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        Quigley the God Slayer

          The ball in the teaser poster is not an oracle ball. If you look at the art it is clearly a circus staff like most ring masters have. (You can see the long end of it under his arm he's just holding it in a weird way.)


            based off the second picture, He could clear a camp then replace it with some damaging creeps once opposing side finishes it off. Like take damage instead of gold and exp


              I'd pick brood here

              Brünk Hüll

                There's a capture element here; I'm thinking the boxes can be set up as traps that pull in enemies. It's gotta be an ulti that takes control of enemies. If you have a hero that can use their ulti to deploy an enemy ulti stupidly, you've got something potent. The Tides and Silencers of the game would fear this, and it would be SUPER interesting.

                Snabriel Snarsch☕

                  that's not oracle's orb
                  thats his rod, like the ones ringmaster from circus uses

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                    Tarog Skwela Undangi Nang...

                      Axe chasing that toy kobold is definitely influenced by a single target force taunt spell then gets disarmed when the toy is destroyed.

                      good news everyone!

                        mix between rubrick and natures prophet maybe

                        exit code 0

                          Not interested anymore unless they ever change the matchmaking system, sorry bro.


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                              he will probably have the ability to teleport 2 heros to fight each other like custom hero arena or what the custom game is called, "no hero can escape" would perfectly fit for that.


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                                  Hunter Biden

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                                            Oh yea, there is a new hero coming sometime... We could use a meta shakeup as well. It is getting a bit stagnant as it is. We haven't seen major changes to the meta since last summer. Honestly can't remember when. The post TI updates have been quite lackluster, the items being the major modifier, but those only fit on some heroes and if they didn't fit your hero pool, it didn't change much. The post TI hero changes have been mostly tinkering with the numbers and not much more.

                                            New hero is a good thing. But if he has a taunt ability and some sort of a box to capture heroes in, don't expect him to have any more cc abilities as those can get quickly out of hand... Unless they have really long cooldowns. Probably has a nuke or a farming ability, depending on whether he will be a core or a support hero. And maybe one passive ability... Who knows.


                                              Metesis we had so many meta shakeups in 2023 that iv got no idea what are u talkin about. We got new map, new fountains, new neutral items, reworks of existing ones ect.

                                              рак яичек

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                                                the genus pinus

                                                  I speculate this will drop on 12/31/24. The tournament schedules have totally warped the schedule of patch and content releases.

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                                                  GALOPERIDOL SQUAD

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                                                      i think its better to delete some heros than bring only new and new and new.
                                                      its so unbalanced at the moment. always same 20 heros get picked. delete earth spirit for example and nobody will miss him.


                                                        Puppet Master.

                                                        Banana Cat

                                                          I think RingMaster is a universal hero mostly used as pos3 as an initiator.

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                                                              Учусь на инвокере

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                                                                    This aged like milk in terms of when the hero would be released