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    There was never a better old school Dota2 player than this guy on the left


      Mage Slayer makes a lot of sense on heroes that have some sort of mana issue or use mana for farming and who can hit some autos. Often a offlaner is using autos + spells to farm, so if Mage Slayer can prevent it from buying Arcane/Soul Ring, bringing down the effective cost of attack speed + 25% mr + debuff to ~1800 gold.


        I'd pick brood here


          Wow, this reads like it was written by a mouth breather.


            Where are you laning Wyvern here? Ar you finding a way to get Mage Slayer and Revenant's Brooch as a support or is this a core role?


              Not sure where this comes from, I haven't seen those heroes in my Ancient rankeds lmao


                oracle and arc are free mmr and fkin disgusting

                jk they are totally balanced DONT LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFFERENT

                Brünk Hüll

                  Could this meme khanda build be PA maybe? Dagger and Phy CD is almost the same, and the mana cost is extremely low for the amount of damage you get out of it. Turns physical damage into magic, too. It feels weird to be building crit on PA, but the crits only sometimes cancel each other out.

                  It's also a meme on Bounty and Riki I've seen, so there's definitely some agi heroes that benefit from the item.

                  smurfs = no balls

                    khanda feels good only on sniper, bounty, core rubick or offlane medusa


                      none of this is true lol


                        Khanda is quite good on a lot of heroes if you are not meta slave. Basically any carry with good target spell can take it (Morph, PA, Sniper, Chaos Knight, etc).


                          Just gonna leave the casual Omniknight with Khanda + shard here. Ridiculous.


                            Khanda at this point just needs removed or nerfed into the ground. Far too many heroes can "meme" build it..

                            The hero I've experienced recently that feels broken is the AM meme aghs. It's disgusting this 3 charge BS with illusions that take no additional damage and casting counterspell on one, makes him more difficult to determine than PL.


                              our 300 mmr pub love spirit breaker/bounty hunter with khanda and divine rapier.
                              Your "meta" - ass play


                                khanda can deal a lot of DAMAGE on Nyx, you know passive from khanda proc before W adding some damage

                                Entertainment 7wenty

                                  there are plenty of meme khanda builds in the lower brackets. LC + rapier, BH, riki,