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11 adet yorum

    Spectre is gigabroken right now. Too much damage, unkillable, has enough time to farm and comeback even if lost the lane.

    Other heroes are not even comparable, yes they’re powerful, but they have clear strong and weak sides. Spectre just has too high numbers for her kit.


      The surpising part is not much has changed for the hero directly. Memehammer and radiance aside, she is more or less the same. And I've casted several SEA pro games since then and most pro players skip the Radiance altogether, opting for a Blade Mail into Agh's rush.


        Probably more so that characters like Lina and NP got nerfed, buying Spec more space and allowing her the time she needs to flourish. Last patch she was getting out tempo'd by other cores.

        sea = garbage

          Special mention to DK, peeps in the lower brackets now love to spam DK meme hammer for dragon tail into guaranteed chain stun


            against spec you can last pick alchemist who naturally counter her, and he also has cheaper radi


              Nobody counters her. She presses R and makes more impact than any other hero. Needs hard nerf.

              Feeding Rainbow

                KawaiiSocks is fully regarded, why is he posting

                Sampong Baha

                  100% agree with axe


                    Spectre OP


                      Octarine core is an interesting one on Axe.


                        It's actually been a pro-game staple for a while. On your sixth slot you either go Refresher for double-call\blade-mail if the enemy won't necessarily die in a single call and will have turnaround potential (e.g. Morph/Gyro with Satanic) or you go Octarine for universal CDR on your BKB, Call and Blade Mail.