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    Nice analysis.

    Finally, a carry and, a range carry hero! She is an excellent addition to the hero roster. I would argue that she also can be played at mid and offlane with some fancy items and skill builds. Support is probably a no-go with Calling having a huge cooldown and actual dependency on some items to shine.

    Gunslinger passive is pretty basic but satisfying. Same as Dead Shot - simple vector ability, but has enough depth. In general, an excellent example of a casual, but fun hero design (ahem, ahem, League of 200 years). And art direction is also great. GJ Valve.

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      " writing interesting content for Dota is problematic when there are no changes to the game for so long. " indeed.


        Makes for a decent 4, but so can any hero


          No she is NOT a carry.
          Valve tried really hard to do a carry, while doing an interesting kit, but she's definitly not a carry.
          Prolly a mid (if she wasn't loosing all matchup from what mid players told me)
          or a P4 (but then why not pick willow ?) -not to mention that p4 players told me that she was doing decent as p4 cause of the support item they were buying and not really due to the kit.-

          A carry need to be able to farm decently fast (or have an insane scaling even with low farm) & deal a constant stream of damage and deal with map creep's equilibrium.
          She's way too slow, is completely stopped by bkb, and so squishy despite low mobility that she'll never be able to ever deal with creep waves on the map.
          She however, has the constant stream of damage if opponents forgot to order a brain at birth and don't buy bkb.

          Basically, all she has for herself as a carry is great single target dps (especially against none magic immune and lone target). I could literally pick willow p1 and have the same impact ingame and willow is obviously not a p1

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            I agree, I am looking at the stats for the hero in higher level games and it seems players are not finding success with her as a carry at all. Her main DPS passive still looks incredible, but I overvalued it compared to utility from Dead Shot/The Calling. Wondering how Valve will react to it since they obviously wanted to make a carry.


              It’s because people don’t max passive and build EVERYTHING but carry items. They also don’t know how to play and position as this kind of marksman, probably never played LoL.

              In almost all games I’ve seen people build her as support and max 1-2 instead 1-3. Then they build something like Mjolnier, or even worse - Force Stuff/Lense.

              But she is useless in that build, her kit scales only with pure damage and attack speed. She farms a creep pack very fast with 1+3, she scales well with Daedalus, BKB, MKB, Satanic.

              I played her mid via this build and it’s very strong and comes online faster than Drow Ranger, for example. She can also build something like 2 Falcon Blades and be very strong early as well.

              She is a carry and nothing else, trying to build her differently is autolose.

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                That was very much my initial impression as well, but looking at high level pub games, she is doing surprisingly well as a four. Technically any hero can be played as a four, but still.

                I think her time as carry will come. Her passive is just way too strong in theory to be ignored. But I agree that her ultimate can be counter-productive when dealing with BKB targets


                  I agree. She has her weak sides, definitely, just like any other carry hero. But, with the correct min-maxed build, she is very strong, and I think people still sleep on her - I'm 100% sure her win rate will grow with time.