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9 adet yorum

    на любую поз кроме 1 пугна хороша

    генка гренка)))

      Заебали,пугна это он


        At least in the bottom lairs where I dwell, the Pugna decrepify saves team mates and enemy heroes at the same rate... It is like Chronosphere, you can easily mess up your team with the ability. All of a sudden some enemy hero doesn't die and gets out a team fight ult and enemy cores have time to get at the back lines and the whole thing collapses hard... Seen this happen way too many times.


          Thank you for the post, KawaiiSocks AYAYA

          завышенная оценка – слабе...

            sniper 5 pos is best of best 5 pos supports

            BLOW JOBSON

              Sniper pos 5 my choice!

              завышенная оценка – слабе...

                BLOW JOBSON - this is exactly what your nickname says about you


                  pugna is not fun, i dont like pugna now.
                  cause, so small, too easy to kill.
                  all int hero or mage hero, is too fragile