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    make glaives pierce spell immunity again :D


      All you need to change is make Global Silence require a hard dispel.

      That way only Bkb, Minotaur horn, can remove it. And requires others who have strong dispel abilities to have a bkb in order to dispel others like apotic shield, press the attack, heavenly grace, and grim ink swell shard.

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        Of my hero pool with 30+ games played I have the worst WR with him or all my heroes. Guess this article helps me understand why.

        Van Dam
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          Jugo Boss

            @xebenkeck BKB and Minotaur horn are not strong dispels.


              Technically yes, those are Spell Immunity, but seeing as you cant cast bkb’s, or rage or blade fury on others there no way of telling if its a strong dispel. Thats why i called it a “hard” dispel.

              A lot of strong dispels cant be used while you are stunned(ie if your abbadon and stunned you cant cast aphotic shield on yourself to strong dispel) just like how a bkb cant be used while stunned.

              The only ones I know of that you can cast while stunned are Troll lvl 25 battle trance and Abbadon manually activating borrowed time.

              Anyways buff silencer

              I'm in danger

                Imo revert to his old , cancer , mana eating q would be a buff that would make him strong aggain.


                  I like the idea of Global Silence requiring a hard dispel to remove the silence, but that doesn't really put it inline with how other silences idea would be to change the Last Word ending effect from a silence to a Mute, so the enemy can't use items to dispel the silence, but that seems pretty powerful, especially with the AOE Last Word Aghs.


                    Make that aghanims brings back his old aura

                    cavern crawling

                      maybe the aghs upgrade could give all silencer's silencing skills becoming a hard dispel


                        He's got the 7th highest winrate in the game right now.


                          Certainly not the worst hero in the game. And the fact that people have BKB's etc. ruins just about all caster lives in the end game is just a fact and not just something Silencer has to deal with. However, Silencer is an extremely snow-bally hero... If you get a few good kills in the first minutes of the game, it is just over... You start dealing so much Pure damage that it is not even funny. And Last Word damage is also predicated by your intelligence. Just recently I had one game where I had 62 stolen int in a 26 minute game. Last Word was knocking off 50% of enemy hp pools etc. It was one of those games... But I have also played games where you go 1-15-7 and you have 8 stolen int to show for it at the end of the game... Silencer has absolutely no escape in him what-so-ever, so if you get jumped, you usually die. And the fact that the ult is so strong in a team fight, means you are going to get jumped. So positioning is key and the early game is so decisive that it may just be too volatile in a surrounding where everyone knows what is going on and what are the keys to victory. And there are other options that carry similar abilities in the game. Silencer is the ultimate high risk/high reward hero... And the risks can out weight the rewards if the enemy team knows what they are doing.

                          Still having fun with it in my shit tier pool... And will most likely continue to do so. And more articles like these and the fact that he is currently the last pick, means I will most likely have more fun with the hero after a patch or two...

                          Is this a new situation? A hero that has good winrates in pubs, but just isn't playable in the pro scene? If you buff the dude, even a little, he could be next OP hero out there that just ruin games in the pub scene while still be only marginally playable in the pros...

                          Friendly nickname

                            There is no problem with Silencer, people just don't know how to play that hero. That's all. People ruined too many games with my main hero and i can tell you this is one of the strongest heroes. :)


                              They should change silencer's aghs so that it mutes. It may be a little OP but atleast he'd be relevant again


                                2 Wraith bands would fit him well.

                                It is difficult to go up against snowballish hereos in pubs, maybe needs some rework to make him effective in both competitive play and pubs.


                                  Anyone seen Jakiro lately? Has the Glacial Frog forgotten him?


                                    I think his lackof disable makes him not that desireable as support. and while global is pretty strong spell, it's crazy long cooldown and the fact that it's the only skill that instanntly disabling opponent works against him. But anyway pros uses heroes they are comfortable with, like in the patch before OD support was something in pub, but barely anyone used it during the Singapore major.


                                      What does redeeming mean?



                                        What old aura are you talking about?

                                        taylor swift blink

                                          I'm still sad that the fact Silencer was losing his pierce-BKB Glaives, I hope we could see a midlane Silencer again. One of my favorite heroes.


                                            by far the worst hero of dota in my opinion is pudge, to make efect he most not be seen in the map, so he cant help a lot in dual lanes, hes a 3llane hero.


                                              Make glaives pierce bkb. that would bring the hero back to the meta.


                                                global silence should mute enemy from using items.


                                                  Short summary: no.
                                                  Long summary: no.


                                                    Nature's Prophet has the worst win rate across all brackets except one (Divine/Immortal), where the hero has the second to worst win rate. Pretty strong case for NP being the worst hero in DOTA right now.


                                                      @The Ancient One

                                                      His 3rd skill used to be an aura that negatively affects enemies, where each enemy is silenced for X seconds after casting a spell. It's quite OP and is a nightmare for heroes that rely on casting skills in quick succession to be effective, e.g., Earthshaker, Puck, Lina, etc.



                                                        Spam the mage slayer item with Daedalus u can take down pa or pl even in late game ... Currently i hv two ultra kill with silencer in this patch he is winning me matches


                                                          He's actually my fav hero, He's incredible strong with the right items. I dont think he works as a support. He's best played as a core, IMHO mid is his best. They probably should change something with his aghs where global silence is not dispellable and it goes thru spell immunity. That would make him a better core and maybe support.

                                                          Дев'ять чи десять?

                                                            >Does it mean DPS Silencer is good? We don’t think so.

                                                            Yes, it does, because statistics is more important than what you guys are imagining haha. Silencer is very powerful hero both as support and as carry.

                                                            69_CHLEN DRAKONA_69

                                                              Another cancer guide


                                                                Please make "Last word" mute the hero until he/she tries to make a shout (casts any spell) and got silenced.
                                                                It will be strong and synergy


                                                                  Lvl 25 Silencer here. I agree that the hero is garbage with 7.29 but was ok with 7.28 . Most people do not know how to use Global Silence properly. In most cases you have to use it after the enemies popped off their bkb's for example. It still silences magic immune units.