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    Is First still a thing? Anyways, thanks for the great content Kawaii socks et al.!

    Captain caveman (crawl)

      Pros Thomazes do CdB, melhor Clã 2k do Brazil.


        Crystal maiden is a 4 and not a 5 now , Basilius is enough instead of her passive and you want that force staff shard as soon as possible

        international playboy

          Gyro 4 feels extremely strong with popular offlaners this patch


            I personally like Mirana. Low commitment high impact spell with arrow, can build into vessel euls or whatever item the team needs really, can farm, can roam, can survive... she is the whole package

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                "Teams are often lucky to even have a support hero in the first place" lol what that crap even means anymore in 2021

                Hoodoo Operator.

                  "Stay safe, stay far and leave the glory to core players, while you do the actual heavy lifting."