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      Brünk Hüll

        Oh dear....reddit is going to start shipping damage now. Thanks a lot, Kawaii.

        Soooooo the bottom line I'm hearing here is just to pick Veno and play like Brood. Got it.


          Thanks for noticing, fixed now)


            Yeah yeah. But have you tried Pos 3 Blink dagger ET?


              I never play the professional way, position 4 veno i focus on harrass almost exclusively, 1 in gale, 1 in wards and 3 in sting by 5 if the enemy pos 5 gets out of position they're usually an easy kill but then i'm trash tier so what do I know.


                veno is strong in early game with timing and coordination easily can pick off enemy force staff and shadow blade is one best exit and survival kit veno can build.

                Brünk Hüll


                  Then the enemy buys dust.

                  Brad Bowyer

                    Consistently deals the most amount of damage in the entire game. Buy pipe and you will be fine.


                      Ясно, супер логичный высер чела с 25ю играми на персонаже, держи вкурсе


                        best jungler

                        Type A Onslaught

                          Nice la


                            pressure the lane at early stage, capture enemy jungle camps, provide vast area vision/info for allies to estimate the opponents' position... until the teammate in other lanes start to feed their head to enemies, not using the vision info correctly, play passively in own jungle camps, miss out the power spike timing... eventually lose the mid-late clash as enemies get their defensive items, then blame venomancer to being useless in game. Veno often end up having highest heroes damage deal but getting the blame for no impact in game...


                              Still cant win with this hero


                                Still cant win with this hero

                                Little Starpony

                                  This is a very good hero in Dota 2 for a support or full support role. Even with a low rating, he is often chosen. By the way, if you need boosting your mmr, you can use this trusted service: . I ordered an account upgrade there precisely for the role of support and the guys very often chose a venomancer and played very well!