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    inb4 7.23c

    Oh no its Joe

      just like in my relationship i always come second


        Don't you think Pudge should be here? He's mostly position 2 and 3 now
        Or maybe just in low 4k
        The SF change is nice because the damage reduction was so unnoticeable most times

        In terms of reading, this is much gentler on the eyes than previous articles. Keep up the good improvements Yongelee!


          Lunar Blessing also increases the reduction of armor, which may be a bug (for example: when Luna uses mom she loses 10 armor instead of 8)

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            imagine that someone thinks that riki is playable

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              imagine that someone thinks that riki is playable (2)

              Well, the biggest loss about riki a5 lv 1 is not the invis, but the damage from backstab. Before you can at least deny creep with ur superior damage.

              Smoke screen is a joke. Because the absence of the slow, people just can get out from it. Even diffusal is not enough


                ARCANA LONE, NOW

                Gurin Jeimuzu

                  Riki is very much playable.
                  The trick is that you can't just jump into a crowd and kill but rather need to pick off.
                  Having two blink strikes means you can wait for the enemy hero to be away from creeps or a hero > blink in > cast tricks (+smoke screen if needed) and get off 4 hits instead of 6 before blinking out again or to finish them off.
                  It really isnt that bad and I have played him a few times.

                  Willow's OldAcc

                    Dont forgot Medusa, Valve buff it up twice in 7.23 xD

                    strand-type gamer

                      Forgot to mention one of the most important changes to Viper which is that his ult now damages through BKB.

                      Pretty significant change that makes him a huge threat vs BKB building cores with low HP.

                      eternal dead


                        Sir GueL™

                          Tiny also worth to mention.
                          Tree Grab no longer has charge, which is can be really strong in the mid-late game for farming and pushing.
                          The armor from ult is pretty huge too, he can take a lot of physical dmg.


                            @Iorveth i thought that viper's ult always damaged to bkb (it was one of the few spells that had its damage as well as the effect go through bkb)


                              Weaver? He had a slight change to abilities but his level 10 xp talent was nerfed.

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                                @Haro nah viper's ulti dealt spell damage before the changes, so only the slow pierces bkb but no damage would be dealt.


                                  @Haro No. No Spell did magic damage through BKB, only the other effects applied (if it poerced BKB)

                                  Entertainment 7wenty

                                    I used to basically main Riki back in the old days when his ult was invis (over 300 games total, but only 9 over the past year). But it wasn't the initial change of lvl 1 invis back in 6.82 that made me stop, it was the blink strike charges. I hated it and stopped playing him completely. When the introduced Tricks I played some, but only picked it up slightly when they buffed his passive regen in 7.22. Now they make him terrible again with these charges of blink. The constant 4 sec cd was/is superior to 2 charges with a 10 second refresh.