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16 adet yorum
♏ikeeCS ツ

    RIP Tinker my love <3
    Not picked again :(

    Mr Perspective

      Prob cause glaives do good dmg being pure, also it benefits from drow aura.
      Curse also does gd DOT and prevents blink, MK Tree dance etc with gd cast range during global


        could have mentioned that MID AA pick by VP, though!

        Stationary and unable to ...

          stale meta?


            Drow in op


              Yeah drow is the new every single game hero but it doesnt feel as cancer as heroes such as jugg and lifestealer were. 40%+ pick rate is wild for carry though.

              61 y.o.: are you winning,...

                the silencer is a bad hero, only a retard would spam it for mmr

                Meia Vida

                  Silencer mid is not even bad, stop playing him suport


                    the problem with silencer i suppose is that, it tries to put his foot in two boats. Not fully suppprting early, and saving for mid game spike can cost dearly in situations where enemy might snowball early.

                    MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                      Two picks of Silencer don't seem to make the hero a major surprise for me, even when we are talking small amounts of games played. I dunno, just seems like there were other heroes that would deserve more attention? Like Antimage got 7 picks so far with 100% winrate, that's kind of interesting considering where the hero is at right now. He isn't particularly tearing up the meta...and yet here he is.

                      Bu yorum düzenlendi

                        For pudge pickers in my team, i always told those bitchs to take atleast 1 point in flesh heap and hopefully he doesnt feeding too much


                          coracle new meta

                          cat 英語

                            not a single mention to disneyalnd


                              meta kinda stale, love watching the niche drafts though!

                              Old Meta

                                An update to the mdl-major tournament. Game 4 was a total disaster for team liquid, they are prepared for the long game but team secret claimed early victory over game 4.



                                  Treant Protector = Ceb on MDL Disneyland

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