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Jack Attack

    He is insane strong most people just haven't figured out how to play him.


      'Or Just Play Viper'
      Oof... that pun was good. lol :P

      Yami Yugi

        level 6 is his powerspike, BKB and he is all but his passive.

        सिद्धार्थ পাল

          The major idea of this hero is to reduce the hit and run tactics of dota which might be annoying sometimes. He forces the enemy to fight and punishes if they try to run. Fight me...bcuzzzz..... THIS IS DOTAAAAAAAA........


            If you hate facing mars in your safelane, go play monkey king, jingu mastery shreds mars like paper.


              The hero is needs number nerfs. Spear is good aoe dmg with a stupidly long single target stun. His ulti is great control for teamfights or skirmishes, and a large amount of dmg combined with spear and rebuke. It has too short a cooldown for whaf it does. Rebuke is too efficient for waveclear and farm evem with minimal investment. At least a few will be be dealt with next patch.


                After the last several hero releases, Mars can feel like old school Dota. There are no tree jumping abilities, spell duplications, vector targeting or transformations into a ball of pain.

                Amen to that.


                  Ineed it's a "old school dota" here. Feels good.

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                  Idiz Wadidiz

                    Poorly drawn Disney


                      The problem with Mars is his ultimate. It makes for too many OP combinations that are extremely difficult to deal with. Can you imagine a team consisting of dark willow, mars, pangolier, monkey king? Notice how they're all the newer heroes too? What the game needs is more single target abilities rather than aoe skills.

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                        @LetMeShowYou damn right brother, he looks just like a second hand Zeus from Disney's Hercules. Remember when people hated Ursa's Alpine Stalker set SO MUCH that steam removed it from the market ? Change mars design I beg you


                          "both Grimstroke and Dark Willow suffered greatly in their win rate department at release, because weaker players kept on insisting on playing the heroes mid"

                          do you seriously think that players that try playing heroes on different ways are 'weaker'? I cant fucking believe you are allowed to write this shit

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                            ^spotted the new hero mid spammer. lol

                            The Komeijis

                              just because ur unique doesnt mean ur good


                                @guuz It's not that trying different ways necessarily makes them weaker, especially given that willow was actually pretty decent as mid at release. But it doesn't change that a lot of weaker players, even those who don't normally play mid, just played them as mid without fully understanding the heroes and just got wrecked.

                                Fuck this MM

                                  Один из сильнейших активных героев на данный момент. Убивает многих героев за прокаст. Может быть дамаг диллертм если на керри мусор. Загнобить его достаточно просто. любой саппорт с маг уроном вначале его просто изничтожает. А на низких ммр хардеры обычно соло стоят. Так-что да...

                                  Пассивку могут чуть срезать. И повысить кд ульты на 120/90/80.


                                    Mars also has an awesome personality lol.


                                      Mars is actually quite balanced... Sure, the stun the first skill is long, but it is not like a single target ability of WK or Sven. You need to hit the hero first and then you need to pin the target to something to actually get the stun. It may be a little on the long side, but I don't see massive nerf coming to this... Maybe dropping it to 2.5 seconds at max from 2.8... And the stun needs to be long as you push the target away from your melee hero, so you need to walk to the stunned target before you get your hits in.

                                      The shield smash thing is a great ability, but it has a decent cooldown on it to compensate. And only after you have it maxed out and some items you really start clearing waves with it. The cooldown makes sure you only see it once in a team fight. It is a good ability, but nothing overpowered.

                                      While the abilities are good, you have to remember that this hero has no mana pool... He has really bad int gain and cannot spam his abilities unless you build some items for it.

                                      And the hero clearly has a weakness against heroes that deal massive magic damage. The thing with Mars when compared to the other new heroes is that it is a solid hero, but flawed as well. He doesn't have an answer to all situations... The new heroes have been of type "how do we cram all of the good abilities we've added to this game to just 4 abilities"? Grimstroke is a masterpiece example of this. He has a massive wave clearing nuke, he has damaging silence, he has movement speed buffing stunning ability. Not to mention the ult that couples well with any and all single target spells in the game.

                                      The winrate on Mars suggests that he is by no ways an op hero... Good solid hero, that could use a little trimming, but not OP by any stretch, if you draft correctly. But if you draft consists of melee right clickers, he sure is great against that.

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                                        I think Mars is a solid hero but his ulti should receive some tweeks because it's too versatile. Huge AOE, prevents enemies from going out or in, low formation time, combos with your spear, and also blocks ranged attacks. An ulti like this has too many uses for the cd it gets. You can isolate and kill supports easily, block off retreats, deny areas you want to secure, and even get secure tower pushes (if you put it behind or on the tower).
                                        While he is completely helpless against spells, picking him strategically can completely fk up your opponents' lineup. If your opponent a) picks too many casters after seeing Mars, you can draft your lineup against it, and casters are usually harder to take structures so you can drag late game with your own physical cores. b) pick ranged dps, you last pick Mars and counter them heavily.
                                        On a side note he gets completely fked by Viper and that is NOT good because Viper's too rampant now and this is one more reason to make Viper more rampant.


                                          @kokoroko arguably making his ult AOE smaller might actually buff it in lane/jungle by making it easier to spear people to the walls of the arena rather then trees/cliffs. The smaller size might also make it harder to juke and dodge the spear too.


                                            Очень классные статьи, но опечаток с каждой следующей всё больше.


                                              i had a booming success running him as a 4 tbh

                                              Choti Gold Flake

                                                either give mars a mana problem, or increase his CD of ulti and wave clear


                                                  1,2,1,2,1,6,1 ez kill, 6+1=die,soulR,phasebots,maskofdeath,desolator,kelenD,reaper = GG!


                                                    Can we get some achievements for Mars and Grimstroke ?


                                                      He's now way near OP. He has too much weaknesses, bad 3rd ability, 1st need to be impaled to stun the target, mana hunger, weak to magic and pure, weak to meta heroes like viper,jug,mk

                                                      all retards who's think he was OP need to see a doctor