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13 adet yorum
Ginand Tonic

    Let's go Centaur


      Da first again


        ok maybe not:))


          >These heroes can secure their farm even against a strong trilane
          Videos or didn't happen.


            you mean chances in 7.21?

            i will only play offlane ...



                Mars is in dota test gogogo

                Fuka suginai o nīchan

                  Dazzle rapes them all solo ..


                    Juggernaut needs nerf. His winrate too high and is being spamed in pubs right now.


                      we need comback mechanic back


                        The section about those 4 popular offlaner picks are incorrect. They cannot solo vs a trilane. They CANNOT do much without farm. The meta is mostly about tri vs tri, mid vs mid, and offlaner vs offlaner. It is never a 1vs3 and 3 vs 1 situation as these offlaners rely on a good start, rush that vlads and snowball. An offlaner without networth is much worse than a typical position 5 hero.


                          7.21 on the way.

                          PERFECT TOAST

                            This was posted 3 days before 7.21 lmao

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