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      I've always perceived Venge as a strong hero by design. However, since 7.20 she's crippled somewhat because you can't reliably mash quickcast R to swap. You'll fail by swapping two times.
      I've seen even 7K players doing two swaps instead of one on Dotabuff's guide games.
      There's a thread on Dota Dev about this.

      Trying to solve the issue, I've redesigned my buttons. Moved quickcast from my R to Alt+A, and left R as a non-quickcast. It's harder to button mash Alt+A, and in case I forgot the combo, R works and you can't mash it.

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        Theoretically in dual lanes anybody could be an offlaner.


          pair vengeful with a pos 4 sven and u win every lane
          thank me later for free mmr

          Cheshire ^^(ru).py.go

            use warlok to breake offlane meta XDDD


              I'm thinking that people still haven't caught on yet to just how powerful VS is when paired with her Aghanims Sceptor given the recent rework to have 2 charges of the ultimate at any given time.

              This officially makes her the only hero in the game now who can displace an enemy into your team during team fights 100% reliably (hook isn't always reliable), and not put herself in danger if the timing is right (batrider grab involves him having to dive into enemy territory to snatch a hero, then desperately try to get out as fast as possible which puts him at risk for stuns). Just swap the enemy into your team, then swap one of your creeps to get you back to safety.

              I think combining this with aethers lens would make for some sick pick offs on a support VS, though I can definitely see support VS having mana problems/problems farming.

              Maybe replace one of her level 10 talents with 90 GPM could make this more support oriented path viable.

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              MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                In response to some of the aghs comments here:

                There definitely is some risk and some really nice reward to having aghs on VS, but it seems like aghs might be better as a fallback option if your draft takes a left turn. If you have enough stuns and are building a team around her aura, it makes more sense to buy items that compliment the goal of the draft. Stopping off for an aghs might stunt the rest of the teams' ability to take objectives. If, however, you do grab the VS as a support and the game goes late, the aghs makes a little more sense for that pickoff on the carry to enable a safer push.


                  just another article to promote useless ideas in low brackets that lose games lol


                    I think anyone who is <ancient shouldnt be allowed to commend on these articles tbh. Hence the commentator above who is crusader and says that this is "just another article to promote useless ideas in low brackets that lose games lol"


                      i just read the comment, cuz i'm not allowed to comment about this article, but u guys can check my profile, tell me whats wrong with my VS, thx guys

                      Red Bull

                        She dont have escape mecanism, offlanr venge is just not good


                          Why do you need escape mechanism when you can just kill everyone?

                          Does Bristleback has an escape mechanism?

                          Dead Yang

                            Is it really new meta? It was pretty popular thing at Ancient+ bracket for a year now.


                              nice art


                                If VS does well in the dual offlane, she becomes quite a reliable secondary carry/core against certain lineups. If she doesn't, she is still useful coz of her abilities even with minimal farm.


                                  anyone can dual offlane with vs in either carry or support role

                                  FULL SEND

                                    dual lane can go invoker/tinker/storm


                                      I totally agree on the comment above by Murranji: "Theoretically in dual lanes anybody could be an offlaner."

                                      she lacks an escape mechanism early and has mediocre survivability...

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                                        so offlane venge has the same itemization that classic support venge... ROFL what a quality article

                                        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                          +1 to "Theoretically in dual lanes anybody could be an offlaner."


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                                                >low movement speed
                                                >lacking an escape mechanism
                                                >low str gain all over the years

                                                Must be a good offlaner lol


                                                  her starting damage sucks; unplayable!

                                                  Right click supp

                                                    VS is bae, if anyone talks clap about her i'll beat you up fam guurrr.


                                                      Mid Veng is the true position.

                                                      Star Scream

                                                        Chaos Knight очень недооценён, с его новой пассивкой он легко стоит лайн и фармит лес без хила, собирая армлет уже можно наказывать в тимфайтах и быстро сносить.