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27 adet yorum



      7.21 when

      sorry i don't speak ungen...

        What a patch. Reminds me of 7.0 release

        Red Bull [4]

          For those that keep saying Dota is dead and RIP Dota, i suggest to adapt.
          Dota is a sport that keep evolving, which means this is actually the way Dota keep on surviving its existence : major change , completely new meta , new learning point and more fun.
          Personally, i think this is great patch for supports

          ♏ikeeCS ツ

            BIG PATCH

            VERY WOW



                Love the new patch. Some stuff needs to be toned down a bit but it's always like that. Played a turbo ogre game with dagon. Midas.Scythe. Atos and bloodthorne. Most fun ive had losing in a long time :)


                  7.20b is out


                    Let's go boisss

                    Yami Yugi

                      Jakiro's best buff ever



                        Von Darkmoor

                          Yes lets buff PA ITS SO FUN TO PLAY WITH AND VS ALSO PA WAS SO WEAAAAK!!!!!!

                          6,5k gold and imba.... Fucking retarded patch+hero.

                          Scenario time.

                          Oh no Sven and Cm ganks me, oh no im losing health and Witchdoctor is on hia way too omg omg....

                          Fuck it seems its the only way iM 1/3 hp it seems i must waste 15'mana....

                          Dagger time!!! *play A-team themesong*

                          Bammm!!!! ''KAAZZAAAM!!!!

                          *1k critt*
                          Crystallmaiden have been killed
                          *1k critt* + 1100 range away WD who was on his way...
                          Witch doctor Has been killed.
                          *1k critt*
                          Yay Sven at half hp woohoo!!!!

                          And my lifesteal (900 gold) from all of it im at full strength

                          Il use my *lvl 4 blinkstrike* on him
                          *(Troll ultimate attackspeed achieved!!)*....

                          Sven had been killed.

                          //all chatt - ezpzy im promode Kärry -Phantom Assasin aka noobseeker.

                          Uses free smoke to move aeay and ignore any global spells.

                          Bu yorum düzenlendi

                            Slark is fucking OP...
                            and thats it... 7.20b
                            Also nerf CM and Earth Spirit
                            (And now i am fking dyslexic playing earth spirit)


                              Buff buff then play, nerf nerf then quit. The cycle starts again.


                                Buff buff then play, nerf nerf then quit. The cycle starts again. (2)

                                this shit logic is so retard.

                                Fiery Soul

                                  RIP BLoodseeker my +25 guarantee mmr hero


                                    Buff buff then play, nerf nerf then quit. The cycle starts again.


                                      Buff buff then play, nerf nerf then quit. The cycle starts again.


                                        new meta is always needed. if not people are just gonna stop playing. boring games

                                        Mr (FOX)

                                          pa is soo weak buff buff more


                                            Does denies still reduce exp?


                                              I only got one chance to play meepo and it was a normal match... so sad


                                                6.20 is a great patch Kappa


                                                  Please justify my question, why i got legend 1 but in my stats i got 2.4k mmr in my new account calibration ? Its part of the new patch? The 7.20? Or what?


                                                    Why is that a big nerf to cleave? I mean before 7.20, ur cleave damage get reduced by armor of your primary target (40 armor morph i.e.). Now u hit the sourounding low armor target with a lot more damage. Dont understand this. Ty for explanation...

                                                    + NEET Luke + [K]

                                                      RIP Dota. I don´t have the time to learn this game again and again. So much imbaness in this patch. Cancer Hereos got buffed and their winrate increased to 60 % ??? WTF.