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    offlane jak? when??

    verified vexillophile


      last year. It used to stomp in the offlane. People weren't aware of how much damage he could do and he is inherently tanky.


        Don't forget the attack speed slow. What a pleasure to trade hits with debuffed enemy.

        Tyrannical Cancer

          dunno why. After I had played the game with a random hero, that hero come to dotabuff. What happen to me?


            offlane jakiro XD gnhahaha reading some dotabuff nonsense every now and then is surely amusing


              Lol at the comments. Have you plebs been playing this game for a month? Offlane Jakiro is how it was played just a couple of years ago. You know this game is 15 years old, right?

              Not surprised it comes from someone that apparently ONLY plays mid.

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              MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                Mmmmm love me some Jakiro Drow action


                  Ладно, перевод похож на нормальный (хотя есть несколько ошибок, но несущественных), но исправьте, пожалуйста, орфографию и пунктуацию:

                  *зАНчений урона
                  *скорость, с которой Liquid Fire убивал башни, была сравнима

                  В целом согласен, джакиро хорош, особенно в пуше. Но в пабах моего уровня (2к) крайне сложно заставить тиммейтов атаковать башни. Даже если у противника 3-4 героя в таверне, союзники предпочтут подфармить лесок. Приходится рисковать и самому пушить. Но из-за низкой скорости передвижения Джакиро довольно уязвим.

                  Джакиро хорошо заходит Метеор, поскольку в сочетании с жидким огнем вышка просто лопается.


                    Поправил, спасибо.)


                      Why does Dotabuff encourage comments in a language other than English?
                      Is everyone allowed to comment in their main language here?


                        If it promotes constructive discussions and doesn't violate code of conduct, I don't see a reason to discourage comments in other languages. Especially given how all of the Blog Posts we have are in both English and Russian)


                          нормальная статейка.

                          Admiral Dark Cat II

                            I dont know why Valve fixed Jakiro 3rd skill on Hero and Creeps too...In mid game enemies dont feel damage from LF, they could make this skill like Metheor hummer on enemies damage one numbers for buildings other numbers(


                              tried mid jak against a tinker.. ez lane win.

                              HULK SNAAAP!

                                Great article as always. Could you make an article explaining why Axe is not popular in current meta? For me it is strange, because he is strong laner which is important nowadays, and he also received buffs for 2 patches straight.

                                Yami Yugi

                                  My most beloved hero, too bad I am not excels at using them but at my time of DotA1, we spent the whole 2 years together.


                                    In some point i changed my mind about this hero.I use to play this hero only mid or support in easy.Probably ,I will try to play hard.Thanks,for information!:3


                                      No wonder i still managed to win as jakiro even if i had packet loss... This support is OP and also have a talent to counter enemy rightclick heroes with liquid fire give aspd reduction debuff lol