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    1 most dirtiest strat i've used before, no mana for you
    kotl am invoker nyx and lion, work like magic.


      Meh. If I want to see some meme strats I'll just watch midormeepo, Mav or GoodWin. That pseudo-competitive atmosphere is what keeping players to the game.

      Eat Soup With A Fork

        Check out this game I played a couple other days ago; We were winning so I sold My Items and It made the game way more fun!

        The Man With A Plan

          Global Strat:

          Tinker, Nature's Prophet, Spectre, Meepo (w/ BoTs) and Zeus/Silencer/Bloodseeker.


            Pues yo sigo esperando un articulo para el puck u.u

            All is vain

              -25 inc

              Kiwi Limbo

                I like the alliance strat and not only that it just makes pubs more funnier and it has a chance of making players rage more below 1k since im now actually 1k.


                  I play offlane ET and ignore the meta. It's worked out pretty well


                    Nature's Prophet, Zeus, Spectre, Treant Protector (with Agh's) and Silencer.

                    Most fun global Strat I've ever played.

                    love your supp

                      Bloodseeker, Pudge, Magnus, Tusk, Keeper of the Light

                      Rupture party


                        HOHOHAHA patch was nightmare.


                          nerf necro better, he is fuckin op


                            Inner vitality morph and you are your own worst enemy is something i have to try, well played, nice article.

                            losing my patience

                              Actually in fact "green heros only" is running gag on my teamspeak and we play it like everytime were 5 man Party.

                              STE 8-1-8

                                @the man with a plan, you are missing out IO and AA for global strat.

                                Anyway how about aura strat with venge, drow or luna, underlord or beast, cm/rubic/sb, and sf or zeus?


                                  We did the blue strat at one point... Only picked "blueish" heroes. It had mixed results, but it was quite fun. New meta is needed... Even if we don't get new heroes, the meta will roll over eventually. Since counter heroes become more prevalent and their counters are the next in line. This is a wheel that keeps on turning. We would just love to get Valve to give it a good old "wheel of fortune" spin from time to time and see where we land on next. New heroes will always add a twist to the meta as well.


                                    i allready quit dota - the way mmr system is work is not fair - a support can ward and deward and still lose - a core can beign ganked everytime and got no help from support and lose again
                                    +25 -25 prove nothing and you need to play way more than what you need to gain mmr


                                      Just play Zeus and Spectre on the same team and you have an instant win. Spectre is top and Zeus is 2nd top average winrate heroes in 7.06f. They're also the top 2 KDA heroes - Spectre highest on 3.69 and Zeus 2nd on 3.65.

                                      The only reason they haven't become cancer like they were in March 2016 is because the general public haven't been shown how strong they are - it was Badman getting first to 8k on the strength of Spectre alone which made her a popular pick and when people realised that two press R and auto win team fight heroes are placed on the same team it makes for easy wins (unless you are unlucky enough to be on the enemy team). But at the moment necro etc is the cancer and since people are sheeple...

                                      This by the way is the result of the last Spectre/Zeus game I played -

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                                        I still remember playing a ranked match with my friends planning to "troll". We ended up doing it... literally.

                                        Huskar, Troll Warlord, Batrider, Dazzle, and Witch Doctor.

                                        We actually "trolled" our way to victory. Definitely one of the funniest matches I've played. Good times. Good times.

                                        Match ID:

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                                          Me and my friends lineup:

                                          Storm Spirit
                                          Ember Spirit
                                          Earth Spirit
                                          Vengeful Spirit

                                          Flying Party:

                                          All Arcana heroes is awesome too.

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                                            Or you know
                                            Just play some custom game and do something else rather than playing


                                              Slightly tired....lul


                                                No mention of carry Infinity Wisp?


                                                  well written.


                                                    My go to hero right now is Invoker. As a roaming support. It's suprisingly effective.


                                                      I remember those days that there was no MMR and we just play Dota for fun. We pick a hero for just have fun moments.

                                                      Nowadays you just play RANKED matches and because of MMR you have to stick to 3 or 4 heroes to guaranty your wins. it sucks.

                                                      there are too many tension in MMR Rank matches and fear of losing your MMR. I don't like this Dota. I like the old one which did not have MMR. Even that Dota that we played in WarCraft III.

                                                      Such a good days

                                                      уверенный пользователь доты

                                                        мальчики пишите

                                                        ❤ Hibiki ❤

                                                          Tusk and AA one coldest love in 1K MMR)))