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    PUBG FailFish


      Age of empires 2 HD is a nice one aswell, although since its a classical RTS, it requires a bit more macromanagment ( your every game will be like controling 30 meepos)


        I've played all these games, come back to dota very quickly.. Other games just aren't fun relative to dota.


          Dota2 player base is dying due to the lack of updates.


            Play LoL guys, one of the best dota alternative...

            losing my patience

              I think many dota players also play dark souls. No?


                nice nice :)


                  Would definitely recommend Xcom 2 with the War of the Chosen expansion.


                    binding of isaac :D


                      the witcher 3 is perfect when I'm to tired to play dota


                        cs go xD


                          This exceeded expectations, I thought it would be just an ad for random new games but these are all games that I find interesting when I happen upon them on Twitch. Good choices. Too bad they're not also free

                          Jack Attack

                            I agree with harooooo as another game choice.

                            Flying Squirrel

                              A game I would highly recommend that I do not see here is Rocket League. 5/5


                                Skyrim better

                                Sleight of My Fist In You...

                                  are all these games free? if not they're not like dota at all since one of the biggest draws is that its ftp



                                      Also one of the better games to invest into ($20 iirc) is Rocket League aka Car football (they call it soccar). Fun as anything especially with friends. Nothing like Dota, but if you want a break, might as well try something different.

                                      love your supp

                                        I always revert to Football Manager when I'm bored with Dota 2, and vice versa


                                          Civilization series, Lool.

                                          Civ VI has the worst bots ever invented in the history of video games. Divinity lvl is literaly, make 3 soldier in the very begining, survive the first rush, and then wait 200 turn to finish safely the game.
                                          That ia is so dumb as fuck you can literally steal town of enemy at the age of tank, while you are yourself only barely at crossbow.

                                          And for the multiplayer, it was bad enough to have bad start in civ V, in civ VI it's insta loose and you cann't do anything about it... Not to mention how unbalanced some civ are... The only way to have a great game is if the few bad starting spots are given to the few OP civ, and the few good starting spots are given to the trash civ, which basicaly never happen

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                                            try nqmod or fruitymod for civ V and VI respectively. They address a lot of problems in terms of multiplayer balance and map generation. I've spent roughly 140 hours playing multiplayer battles when Civ VI just came out and it was a lot of fun, with the better player winning most of the time. Also, join the NoQuitters Steam group, if you want to play against better player who don't leave halfway through the game.

                                            white privilege

                                              Where is artifact in this list?

                                              Koopa Troopa

                                                Xcom and Xcom 2 are some of the best games I've ever played in my life, highly recommend them.



                                                  I second this.


                                                    Games to play, if you are a DOTA fan:
                                                    Dota 2

                                                    Sunset Jesus

                                                      Divinity original sin game series are the best


                                                        I recommend Dark Souls, mechanically of course it's very different but it too is really well designed, punishes you for mistakes and forces you to maximize efficiency in your playing.

                                                        Taxation is Theft

                                                          Age of Empires II is the reason I have my map on the right in Dota


                                                            League of Legends.

                                                            Black Capped Chickadee

                                                              Try Xcom 2 WOTC on legend iron man difficulty. Then tell which one is harder: dota or xcom?

                                                              The Motherfucker Himself

                                                                Try playing League of Legends. Its also a MOBA

                                                                "I DIED For MEIN Team"

                                                                  Hey KawaiiSocks! Great article but instead you could have speak of ability draft! I've been playing dota 2 for years (8K hours!) and the only way for me to not get bored is to play some abilities draft! I mean i never read an article about it!

                                                                  Ability draft can be very fun and in the meantime so frustating! You have 4 abilities to pick and you main purpose is to try to get a combo.

                                                                  Sadly before the game even starts,it depends greatly on the hero model you get:
                                                                  -Bad models (Crystal maiden or brood are awfull to play).
                                                                  -Godd models (Silencer for example still get his int steal and it's a range one so it's an op hero).
                                                                  -Bugged Heroes with 2 ulties ( Ursa, Treant, Gyro, Zeus, Nyx and Naix).

                                                                  The most annoying hero to play against since the last update is Zeus with rearm because he will just sit in the foutain and spam his ulti...

                                                                  But even with all this random "luck pre draft", you can still manage to draft some "broken overcheated combo" and that's why i love ability draft:
                                                                  -Take aim from sniper + Artic burn ww + cursed of avernus Abaddon + dk dragon form
                                                                  -Enchant totem + sniper ulti
                                                                  -After shock + storm ulti or bristle quill spray or goo
                                                                  -Rearm with tombstone and neither wards

                                                                  I mean the possibilities are infinite and that's why every new game is refreshing! And if you play abilities it's an other way to learn all the differents spells in the game, which will benefit you when you go back to try hard all pick!

                                                                  Gabba Gabba

                                                                    PUBG doesnt correlate to dota 2 in the slighest... you just put it there because its the most popular game on steam rn


                                                                      I would also recommend Dark Sould 3 and Bloodborne for PS4. Dota players seek for challenging games IMO.


                                                                        @KawaiiSocks NO They don't address anything.

                                                                        In civ6 they make a lot of point even worse.
                                                                        In civ5 it's actually a bit better, cause they replace some unbalance by some other, instead of just adding more.

                                                                        Usually those only adress the biggest bullshit of all of the game, but they didn't even touch everything.



                                                                          Scythia and Sumeria (and maybe Germany) were the only BIG problems of CIV VI multiplayer. The first two could simply rush you out before you even had a chance to respond, the latter had the best simcity ability/district. You could still win against them, but it was unfair, I agree. But that's why multiplayer games in nq group use fruity draft with 2-3+ civilizations banned. I don't think I ever had to play vs. Sumeria or Scythia past the first week, when pretty much everyone agreed on them being OP. A game vs. Germany was also less of a problem, since people just pitted against the German player around the renaissance =/ I'd rather play something less powerful, but something that doesn't put a huge target on your back most of the time, to be honest.

                                                                          Self vs Self

                                                                            Not bad

                                                                            Dire Wolf

                                                                              Civ5 and civ6 both suck. Real civ ended after 4.


                                                                                Rocket League is fun and kind of relaxing after playing dota, definitely a good choice for a little break. Dark souls also a good games for hardcores.

                                                                                Alluvion Oración

                                                                                  I really like civ 5 due to its fun strategy and very large choice of country just like dota 2 and its heroes. But nonetheless everybody hates Gandhi and PA for some reason.


                                                                                    I only enjoy dota and a little bit of portal 2. nothing else works for me :)

                                                                                    Life is Bad

                                                                                      League Of Legends


                                                                                        Doom I & II


                                                                                          I suggest Mount and Blade

                                                                                          Duke Nukem

                                                                                            I recommend Duke Nukem 3D;-)


                                                                                              We need Battle Royal mode for Dota 2 XD


                                                                                                Mortal Kombat XL, Hearthstone, Warcraft 3.


                                                                                                  I reckon For Honour, has the same sort of competitive feel about it that hooks me up to the xbox when im not on my computer.