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      whao +-1


        Enchantress is now strong offlaner


          Another cancer offlane hero. Why does Icefrog hate safelane carries and weak laning supports so much.


            she also seems pretty decent mid due to the same untouchable ability allowing her to trade hits with her opponent and her wisps for survivability.

            Publius Quinctilius Varus

              The most fun u can have in game, is to get enchantress hard lane vs 2 melee heros in the safe lane. Just see them loosing the safe lane, and getting killed buy u.

              Once I was hard lane vs sladar and jug, and a roming ogre went to gank me... I was lvl 8, killed 2 of them, and i even got stuned buy sladar and ogre...



                Dr. Jimmy Brungus

                  I love this hero. I think in my skill bracket, people don't take this disney character seriously enough, and I usually draw first blood from their ignorance. Sproink!

                  [CS]O`Yes Daddy
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                    Le cereal killer

                      i also love her, really fun to play, i stomp lot of games since 6.86, saying: "gg, commend bambi ;)" i love goin for orchid just after dragon... that way u can spam impetus !!!


                        When enigma is an offlaner since before dota2 even existed, you cann't call about a transition from woods to offlane :p


                          orchid after dagon :DD
                          no dragon lance or aghanims?? has to be 2 k bracket

                          Bruno Martins Indi

                            Read his comment again

                            bing chilling

                              Hey Skim, there's a typo in the title. Just thought I should let you know in case you don't yet.


                                @scott pilgrim - thanks man, totally missed that!


                                  patch is disgrace to dota.

                                  The Auslander

                                    I often taker her mid as well. I build a couple Null Talismans before Dragon Lance.

                                    Le cereal killer

                                      yep same here 2 null helps a lot ;) some time a wand or an urn too ( i said dragon not dagon)


                                        strygwyr seems like to have less thn 2k mmr. he said dragon and yet he strygwyr said dagon. haha pathetic... lmao

                                        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                          strygwyr joke of the Internet today :D

                                          Илија Маскович

                                            SLAHSER'S WAAAAAAY


                                              If the players keep playing enchantress in offlane especially in tournament with a high win rate, then brace yourselves negative buffs on bambi will come next patch..

                                              El Flashbango

                                                "The reason you’d go for a maxed Nature’s Attendants is if you fear being zoned out or potentially killed by sustainable magical damage or chain disables. However, that shouldn’t be that much of an issue anymore, but more on that later"

                                                If I'm not mistaken, you didn't really say anything about it later. My guess is that you mean there aren't enough spammable nukes on supports or carries in the meta, right?

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                                                  Watches this goes to offlane and feeds...


                                                    Tried it yesterday.
                                                    Game ended within 24 min and me as enchantress was 10/1/4.

                                                    Banho dos Campeões

                                                      My build is: Treads, Wand, Midas( opcional), Drums, Dragon Lance, Agha

                                                      Starting: Circlet, Circlet or Two Branches, Tango, Fairy

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                                                        Bambi 6.86 is very good hero, take more HP, armor and Magic Resistance become in FINAL BOSS.


                                                          Yeah until people get smart and lane Ursa/Gyro/Jug/Meepo etc + nuking support against you & then you're not Bambi... you're Bambi's mom.


                                                            & Matrice is right... DotA had enigma offlane quite often or mid lane in certain cases even. To talk about Iceiceice & not LightofHeaven as the offlane example is a serious flaw, he's the paragon of the offlane enigma ; "The play" resides on it.


                                                              I ll be quite honest , Hero is too good for one reason you dont know which skill to max first .
                                                              Well its kinda of a waste in the jungle considering you can rape a lane that lacks magic damage output.
                                                              Grab a Skywrath and make the bitch suffer that would do it though.

                                                              PS:Valve should half the % of slow in Rosh

                                                              DOIN UR MOM DOIN DOIN UR MOM

                                                                Enchantress's role in the game is significant, however I feel that with proper drafting she will not be able to gain the footholds in the meta that many other offlaners hold dear, such as Clockwerk and Dank Seer.
                                                                Also, the Enchanted Mango currently has a 34.42% win rate. Together, we as a community, have the ability to fix this problem and end this horrific tragedy. Please help. It is our duty as gamers to give this item the respect it is due.

                                                                DOIN UR MOM DOIN DOIN UR MOM

                                                                  (ty dotabuff for unbanning me from posting)

                                                                  For Valhala



                                                                      Nice guide. But not full(((

                                                                      Thunder Warrior

                                                                        Lol I never liked her as a jungler. Always went offlane.

                                                                        Butter Kitten

                                                                          This hero is so annoying right now. I start off with 2 circlets and a ring of protection, first point into natures attendants, then max untouchable. No tangos needed, build your starting items into ring of basilius, magic wand, and drums. Also going phase boots over treads will give you godly chase/ escape potential.


                                                                            suck penis dota 2 commmunity

                                                                            J E B A I T E D

                                                                              Offlane Enchantress is the new cancer for Position 1 players and their supports. Enchants a creep and kills your supports then shanks you with impetus and forces rotations freeing up other lanes. A really good spam every other game.