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Fuck yo couch nigga

    GG was a good series, thanks red bull


      I think the tournament was overhyped but it was a awesome bo5 finals and very entertaining tourny

      blue clark

        What happened to puppy as captain?


          visage without drow happened


            this is a bit irrelevant i guess but i'll just drop this here, hoping the message will come across.

            i see how alch pick rate just dropped by almost 4% since the patch. somehow it occurs to me that icefrog wants players to pick alchemist more, but exposing alch's brew timer on his primary nuke to enemies and forcing him into a farming meta will just further push players away from picking him up. his winrate will not change either, or rather, it would just drop further down. the aghs upgrade will only be situationally relevant and will be hard to pull off in a patch that's more focused on team fights.

            if icefrog is really that desperate to see him in the pubs and pro games alike, maybe giving alch some slight buffs to his ganking play might do him well. i also want to see alch's general winrate to go up to maybe at least around 45-ish %.

            btw this "mini-TI" looks fun. how i wish i could go spectate in events like these irl :(

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            ΙγrιΙΙνεmροs crιsτεναηιsh...

              ffs that pretentious dude with dt990pro off one side of his ear everywhere

              ΙγrιΙΙνεmροs crιsτεναηιsh...

                hurdur look at my sexy jawline i'm so cereal I use 200 dollar audiophile headphones to play doto


                  @internet the explorer, Dude alchemist's pick rate went up almost 16% in the first 2 days of the patch. The 4% you're talking to is probably the same thing that happens a week after a new hero is released; people have played the new concept and got tired or aren't interested in it anymore.

                  But yeah this tourny was pretty awesome, Team Secret for TI5 Champions!

                  §ȺŁ₸ƴ ʗȺǷͲѧΐԤ

                    counterpicking is the way to go man


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