Wraith Night Walkthrough

Though many of us were eagerly waiting for Frostivius, Valve has released Wraith Night as a special event in Dota 2. Your goal is to hold out for as long as possible through thirteen waves of increasingly stronger enemies. Each wave, or round, you survive, you'll win Phantasmal Shards that are used to buy chests. For $0.99 you can also buy 500 minute boost that also allows you to collect Shining Shards, which unlocks new rare and mythic items. We'll be doing a quick overview of the game mode, and in a future post our resident pro Tim will offer some in depth strategy from his team.

You can choose 3 modes of increasing difficulty: Normal, New Game+, and New Game++. The harder modes increase the amount of enemies that spawn and their HP. After completing a mode you may continue to the next difficulty with your current group if everyone agrees. If you beat New Game++ you can keep continuing and enter New Game+++.

In each of the 13 rounds, different types of enemies will spawn and try to kill you, your towers, and eventually the Wraith King's altar. You will need to coordinate various strategies for each wave, while collecting gold and drops to buy items that'll increase your chances to survive future waves.

For this event, Valve made tweaks to heros and items, which we'll cover below. Special thanks to the r/Dota2 community for working together for this resource! You can contribute more to their compendium here.


  1. Kobolds: Kobolds come in swarms, have low hp, and the Trolls have Voodoo Restoration. Kill the trolls first.

  2. Zombies and Undyings: Green zombies explode on death, leaving a puddle of acid that deals damage over time. Undyings summon zombies that gain lust if nearby a low HP hero. Kite the Zombies and focus fire the Undyings. Be wary of the AoE on the green zombies.

  3. Ogres and Huge Ogres: Ogre Magis cast Bloodlust. The large Ogres have a powerful wind-up attack that deals damage in an AoE and stuns. Kite the small ogres and disable and kill the large ones.

  4. Slarks and Slardars: Slarks pounce on you, but it doesn't tether. Kill these as soon as possible. Slardars are slower, tankier, and will try to chain stun you. They will only stun if at least two heros are nearby, so spread out.

  5. Nature's Prophets and Treant Protectors: Nature's Prophet spawns treants and sprouts heros. Treant Protectors have powerful right-clicks and cast Living Armor on Nature's Prophets. Kill the Nature's Prophets first and kite and disable the Treant Protectors.

  6. Broodmother: Broodmother lays eggs, which hatches broodlings, which spawn spiderlings. You'll need to kill the eggs to keep things under control. Then follow up on the Broodmother.

  7. Leshracs and Roshlings: Leshracs use Split Earth, while Roshlings have fire breath. Avoid being stunned (the AoE is highlighted) at all costs to prevent a fire breath follow up.

  8. Golems!: Not immune to magical damage, but they split when they die, and those golems will split too. Kill the golems one by one to prevent a swarm of adds running around.

  9. Spirit Bears, Lone Druids, Ursas: Lone Druids have Bloodlust, and the Ursas are Ursas. Kite the Ursas and the rest should be cake.

  10. Two Pudges: These pudges have huge hooks, and it doesn't help they also have Force Staffs and Phase Boots. Work together, maintain map awareness, and kite them high move speed heros. Be sure to interrupt Dismember.

  11. Clockwerks and Gyrocopters:. Clockwerks are tanky, while Gyrocopters fire Homing Missiles that deal massive damage. You'll need to stay together and bait and pick off the Homing Missles. Then it's a matter of just cleaning off the Gyrocopters and Clockwerks.

  12. Ancient Apparitions, Liches, and Satyrs: Ancient Apparitions fly and shoot Ice Blasts. The ultimate doesn't have its DoT but will still prevent healing. Liches cast Chain Frost on a 20s cooldown. The Satyrs will die easily. Spread out for Chain Frost, then clean up.

  13. Wraith King: The final bout happens over three stages. He begins with two skills, which get added onto in the later rounds.

    • The first skill is a Hellfire Blast that can hit multiple targets in a straight-line. He second skills is a channeled AoE that deals massive damage. Don't worry: the move is telegraphed by a circle around him. Bait and avoid the AoE and focus him down.
    • In the second stage he also summons Death Prophets that are tethered to him, giving increased movement and attack speed and speed.
    • Wraith King now will also summon a tombstone, somewhere on the map, which spawns ghosts that heal him. It's best to dedicate 1-2 players to killing tombstones and the spirits, with the rest of the team taking him down.

Hero Changes

Many of the heros in the limited pool have had changes for this mode. Here is an overview of the tweaks:

Axe - Battle Hunger can be used on allies to give lifesteal, which works with all forms of damage. - Culling Blade now leaps and damages all enemies in an AOE.

Crystal Maiden - Brilliance Aura can be cast on others to give increased mana regeneration for 25s (up to 350%).

Drow Ranger - Frost Arrows have a ministun, knockback, and slow changed to 20%. - Silence replaced with new skill: Quelling shot: Drow fires a volley of arrows in a cone. Each arrow can only hit one target, but also gains Frost Arrow effect if active. - Marksmanship min AOE is 300 (instead of 400).

Juggernaut - Blade Fury can trigger Blade Dance. - Omnislash replaced with a new skill: Sacred Blade: Juggernaut sends an illusion forward that collects units it impacts. At the end of the path he will dash to the illusions location slashing all collected enemies.

Legion Commander - Duel replaced with a new skill. Gladiators Unite: All allies gain armor, damage, and life steal while within 625 of LC based on the number of nearby allies.

Lina - Dragon Slave cooldown reduced with level. - Light Strike Array cooldown reduced with level. - Fiery Soul decreases cast point. Stacks up to 5 times at 4 ranks.

Magnus - Skewer is now two separate skills: One for enemies and one for allies. - Reverse Polarity does more damage and has a longer stun time.

Omniknight - Guardian Angel also summons an angel that fights enemies. It can't be controlled. - Degen aura radius is larger.

Shadow Shaman - Hex is now AoE. - Ether Shock increased damage number of targets. - Shackle duration increased.

Sven - Warcry duration changed to 10s and move speed increased. - God's Strength decreases cooldowns and gains strength for every enemy you kill.

Sandking - Caustic Finale damage reduced

Shadow Fiend Shadowraze cost lowered with levels and cd reduced with levels.

Venomancer - Has an additional ward called Scourge Ward, which is tankier than your Plauge Ward and uses your level of gale (with less damage). - Poison Nova: Deals less damage, half cooldown and mana cost

Windranger - Shackleshot hits up to 9 targets at rank 4. - Windrun - Longer duration (up to 11 seconds max!), larger slow radius, and increased slow - Focus Fire replaced with new skill Zephyr: Windranger fires arrows at max speed for 20s. It has up to a 70% chance to fire bonus arrows at a target within a radius up to 300. Works with UAM.

Item Changes

Wraith Night also introduced some new items and changes to exisiting items.

Arcane Boots II - Made by combining Arcane Boots and Energy Booster. Restores 250 mana.

Greater Clarity - Drops and can be bought in store. Restores 150 mana over 10 seconds.

Greater Salve - Can be bought in store. Restores 1000 health over 10 seconds.

Halycon Slippers - Made by combining Tranquil Boots and Vitality Booster. Using them creates a channeled effect that heals yourself, towers, and nearbly allies 20 health every 0.5 seconds for 15 seconds.

Quelling Blade - Costs 3000 gold.

Shivas Guard - Cooldown reduced to 20s. - Aura radius reduced from 900 to 150.

This is a building resource and we'll be updating this page as our staff and the Dota community finds more. Check back in!

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