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General Discussioncan someone link some good brood players

can someone link some good brood players in General Discussion

    like a dude that spams brood and wins, hero seems good and i wanna play it


      no one will link such evil players here


      Yasuo Instalock

        Feachairu is the best brOOd i played with.

        SEA PLAYA

          What his rank? Lol 100% wr.


            Dude that guy is like playing against bots. And also why is he in normal skil.

            Kabir singh's bo0ster

     This guy used to be rank 1 in China mostly playing Meepo, now rank 100 and mostly boosting accs, super good Brood player, learned a lot here, u will see him get like 2500 GPM with Alche, 1500 GPM with Meepo/Brood and other ridiculous shit when smurfing.

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              𝐤𝐔Ň𝓲爪ⒾⓉˢỮ T ȶɛʐʊӄǟ

                iam a good brood player